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    I wanted to start this topic because the idea gets thrown out there a lot of small scale 2 drawer file cabinets being gutted and used as a grow space so I tried it its working fairly well however I would like some imput from ppl who have done this for multiply runs or at least a successful run but no one seems to post anything about it I know I am running 3 55 (true wattage) 150~ watt equvilants in my box and just wanted to here some success and failure stories  

  2. Looking good. I am currently on week 2 flower inside a 2 drawer file cab. First grow for myself.
  3. The two of my three babies turned male... the one female was almost done for right before preflower... she made a slow and tough recovery. Shes lovin life right now. Bounced right back.

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  4. Box photo did not load... this app only lets me load one photo at a time.

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  5. What is the light u are using in yours and what did you do about the drawer faces

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  6. I bended step flashing and mounted a U bolt around a clamp light fixture without the stock reflector and clamp assembly. Then stuck a few eye bolts to feed the chain through.

    I have three reflectors. During veg i ran 3-45 watt 6500k daylight bulbs. Now that im down to a single female i swapped one bulb out for a 23watt 2700k. I can adjust so easily. The units them selves are pretty low profile at full height.

    I wanted to originally use the drawer faces for stealth reasons but couldnt keep it air tight.

    I cut a piece of 1/2 inch ply. Put some hinges, a slide barrel lock, a hasp for a small lock and a cabinet knob.

    Working great so far.

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  7. This is the fixture with a 23 watt in it. The 45 watts are pretty beefy and help keep the light stable.

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  8. I use the 55 watt ones there of them no reflector just white paint lol but the plywood is a good idea I never thought about it

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  9. the low profile I agree with I am using one of those dishpan tub things ( shallow but big surface area) I figure that will be better then having to do major training in order to use the space properly however I wanna use this one as a mother chamber and then just clone and run another file cabinet with four s.o.g style small clones I think that will work awesome depending on the pots I find I might fit more and lollipop it but idk yet thoughts?
  10. Sweet set up guy. Do have air intake and outports?

    suggestions, hints and tips welcome always.

    Stay cool

  11. Yeah I am planning the same set up. Trying to run this first plant and see what kind of trouble i can get into.

    They im gunna find a mother and a second box about 36w X 30h X 18d. And run. A two plant scrog with a way longer veg time.

    I wish i would have reveged once this one showed sex and had it develop properly. It was prolly was clome size when it started flowering and it was neglected because of space restraints I didnt even top because i was almost sure it was getting tossed

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    I had hoped her two brothers were the ones that were gunna shine. They were so healthy and this one was so close to death, but i brought her back.

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    This was last night. 20 days since first sign of sex appeared. Blooming like crazy

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  12. Wtf... it randomly chooses one photo when i had like 5 pepperd throught the post... anyone else having issues uploading more the one photo? this the the 20 day flower photo. The photo above is one of the males i had...

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  13. I feel pretty good Witham northern lights mamma but that's a healthy little girl ya got there I was thinking about finishing this ml but my only other seeds are strawberry fems that are basically pure Sativa no way to put that in a file can lol

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  14. Yeah its still got a little purple from magneseum definciency but the purple stems are slowly going away.

    You could pull it off with short veg topping and lst.
  15. No mom and clones Luke I want

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  16. <span>neonrio yes I do have I intake and outtake I have a pc fan exhaust and I have I passive intake at the bottom on the back side of the cab on the ground about 6 inches wide and two inches tall it works pretty well</span>
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  18. To gin-n-tonic if you still have your draw fronts just Bolt or silicone them onto your ply Wood ( only use silicone between grows cuz I doubt the fumes will do any good for your plants

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  19. Seeing that really makes me angry i didn't top this plant. The other two males were topped once and just exploded. This one started flowering and i didnt want to cut off its first pistil... o well thats what trials runs are for. If i pull a 1/4 id be happy.

    Yeah i tried mounting but the thickness of the fronts are 1/2" and so is the ply so it will still out to far...

    Theirs almost no hiding the flowerig female all the nutes and fans. I aint fooling anybody... lol fuck um

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