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    can anyone tell me / show me how to condense the URL in my sig into just a link? Is it some kind of special formatting that I need to put it in?

    Also, I'm usually on an iPod touch and I can't seem to figure out how to make YouTube videos show up in my post, it always ends up looking like this:


    I'm not so tech savy, so any help is appreciated :)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. You're linking to the mobile version of youtube ( subdomain) so I guess it only works when you use the full link for a computer, can you generate this from the share button?

    The sig is a different thing though, u just gotta highlight the text and click the paper clip, input the url into the box that comes up. Or you can type [ url=www.dongs ] text [ /url ] (without the spaces) in the code view.
  3. simply click the icon in the posting toolbar with the planet earth with a small paper clip then post the URL within it.
  4. HTML:

    Will give you:

    [URL=""]Click here for Google bitches[/URL]

    Will give you:
    Click here for Google bitches
  5. What Feanor said.
  6. The youtube video has to be in the format:
    In your url,
    the XXXX is jS3FveGPGEo so the final url will look like this,
    And will look like this when posted,
    [ame=]Seven Lions - She Was (feat. Birds Of Paradise) - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Thanks everybody, I'll do this stuff when I get on a desktop.

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