Fight Night Round 4

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  1. just played the demo & its fucking AMAZING way better than round 3

    with ufc and now this its gonna be awesomer :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

  2. Agree, but i haven't played FN3 in soooooo long i forgot how to play but i can't wait for the full game :):):):):):smoking:
  3. fight night is the perfect game that me and my bro used to play

  4. yeah fight night is awesome. evander holyfield ftw! :hello:
  5. Really man? i thought this game wasnt HALF as good as Round 3 was. It is just so sloppy, it looks like it was thrown together. The character models are a little better i guess, but the rest of the graphics are crappy, let alone the ring is like a mile in diameter, it makes no sense...also now you can push people? Each fight i did i just pushed the guy right into the corner and thats the end of the fight right there...fucking easy.

    Besides, the controls are real sloppy, i was trying to throw left hooks, i couldnt get a single one to come out, i mean realllllly sloppy. In round 3, the controls were on point, flawless, the punches would come out exactly how you threw them. Not in Round 4 though. Also, i threw like 400 jabs in 3 rounds and never got tired...not even close. I literally won the fight throwing nothing but jabs...the guy couldnt do a damn thing because my guy never got tired and never slowed down with his jabs. It was just punch after punch to his face. And dont even get me started on the healing system, its completely inferior to the Round 3 healing system in every way, you just select what you want to heal, and thats that, you dont actually do anything, theres no sort of learning curve to it.

    Also, the punches were just damn lame man, i was trying sooo hard to throw some devastating punches, but it just wasnt happening, in Round 3, if i was losing, i could throw a devastating counterpunch and completely change the way the fight was going, in this game, the punches are weak shit. After 400 jabs to the face (literally 400) the guy was still standing not even about to fall over, and he didnt even block or anything, just ate punches to the face for 3 rounds...

    All in all, im not going to get this game, id rather just play Round 3, and i can almost gaurantee this game will get rated lower than Round 3 did on various sites, and if not, its most likely because EA payed the sites off like they always do.

    In closing, yes the character models are nice, (even though they didnt blow me away on my 52" 1080p HDTV, i mean i was expecting soo much more for graphics, and the background textures werent even as good as in round 3) but the rest of the game is just simply inferior to the previous game.

    I know alot of people will say "well its just a demo" but when you think about it, this demo is being released only a month before the finished product...basically what im saying, is i can bet most of the flaws ive pointed out will still be there on release.
  6. ^^^^ Holy Shit.......

    Thanks For The Review Gamespot lol
  7. lol i know man im pretty baked, i just wanted to get my thoughts through :smoking:

  8. Aye Its Cool Good Rant atleast you made sense lol
  9. bluntman i havn't played the demo yet bc i have silver membership, and i have to wait till the 4th to download it:mad:

    but from the videos i've seen, and all the complaints i've seen I can totally see what you mean....i mean its like they dumbed it down...tried to make it more aracadier more 'action' bascially more crap/not fun/pointless

    and yes i totally agree with you with the stick punching on fn3 in fn4 i heard its just like hitting a button to throw a punch with the stick..his arm doesn't follow the stick..its once you do the movement it just throws no matter how hard you do it, or slow you do it its the same punch and same speed (all of this on assumption)

    soo when i'll be playing the demo i'm expecting to be let down...i was so sad the day they put in a magazine that the studios that made fn3 split up
  10. round 4 is levels above round 3. I'm definetely getting it when it comes out.
  11. I agree with everything you just said. I think this shit is garbage, it's too unresponsive, the graphics are arcadish(Sammy 1080p), and it fails in comparison to FNR3.

    and there's no Mayweather...smh.

    I'll just pirate it when it comes out.
  12. shit blows away round3 which i felt was very awkward and SLOW. good to see they are improving deff gonna be an awesome game

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