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Fibromyalgia eats the high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Will Shirley, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Here's a question for those toking for medical reasons: have you noticed an inability to feel high? I smoked since 1967 off and on but in recent years needed the stuff for fibromyalgia pain and arthritis pain. The people around me seem to get high on the same stuff yet I feel absolutely 0% stoned after several pipefulls. When I started smoking I got high, in the 60's the stuff could make you hallucinate, but in the past 10 years I have heard a lot about increased THC levels and "it's rocket fuel man!" but the stuff does nothing to me EXCEPT mitigate the pain... better than Tramadol or ibuprofen... but no high, no buzz, no nothing except the occasional "munchies". I believe that the problem is that fibromyalgia shrinks the hippocampus due to chronic severe pain, and the hippocampus affects memory and the feeling of being high, so.... beer does not get me high, just sometimes slightly dizzy, and pot just kills 80% of the chronic pain but induces no high whatsoever. and yes, I have tried a variety of appliances, pipes, varieties and forms and it is all the same.
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    First off to clarify I do not have your condition so I can not relate to that, however it does sound like you probably developed a high tolerance to thc. Have you tried weed concentrates like BHO or other forms of hash? They contain much higher thc percentages. Edibles can as well.
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  3. I'm also going to say the first thing you may want to explore is the possibility that prolonged consumption has lead to a high tolerance. Especially if you've been consuming it for 50 years.

    Aside from the very good advice above regarding looking into stronger medicine such as concentrates and/or edibles, you may want to attempt taking a tolerance break for a few weeks to a month. Meaning discontinue use of cannabis and allow your tolerance to "reset."

    How long that may take is hard to say. Maybe start with a few weeks, see if it helps?
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  4. Sounds like a tolerance build up could be afoot, something i have noticed if i take narcotics due to a ms flair they do not work as well if i have been taking high doses of cbd I believe its because my cb receptors are already plugged with thc & cbd, could be if you are taking pain meds the reverse is occurring, many say mj allows them to take less pain meds but for me its one or the other
  5. Are you just starting to smoke again? Have you been smoking the much over the past 10I years? If so how long/often do you smoke and what quality?
  6. Definitely need more information on your usage habits/tolerance.

    I would suggest going on a CBD only diet and avoid THC altogether, pain mitigation won't be as great but you can get used to it and then hopefully blast off to know for sure.
  7. I've been using CBD oil for awhile now, not sure it has done any good, though. My fibro is definitely worse this year than last, it's why I was considering MM, but it cost something around $600 up front just to be told you get a card, then a 50 mile drive and lots of pain to see if the rather expensive stuff works. I have my doubts... I really think this condition has changed my chemistry in this way, like having shingles 24/7 and my brain is overwhelmed. Pot may just not have what it takes. They have told me I react very oddly to a lot of drugs, mostly immune to local anesthesia and I get addicted to opioids real fast, but thankfully, they don't do any pain relief so we don't don't take them... What I was wondering was not how to get high, I have pretty much given up on that condition, but I was wondering if others with chronic pain also find the ability to get high is reduced or shot. Might help zero in on what all this pain is doing to my brain and thus my body.
  8. I've had fibromyalgia for about 25 years, it has nothing to do with that. Your issue is tolerance. Stop consuming for 3 days or so or eat some high strength edibles.
  9. Having played the pain game for 25yrs now know no two peoples chemistry is the same, when i first started trying mj i did lots of reading and like you thought cbd is for me, no paranoid high but after 8 months of trying every high cbd flower and oil I could find i was about to give up, then i met a good bud tender she handed me bluedream and a syringe of quality whole plant cbd oil and i slept for 6hrs straight, If i do not stop and take a tolerance break the relief i get is diminished, on a good day flower mj gives me 30% relief but high thc oils give me 60% its not perfect but its enough i can still work (desk jockey) i also have noted if i use high cbd oil every night to sleep the thc buzz is greatly diminished for several days,.,,
  10. I have tried this approach, not smoking for weeks or months... saved money change when I tried it again, even less impact. The high strength items have been tried from friends in Colorado and Vermont and once again, no "high". As I said, the high part does not concern me, but I am curious if others with chronic pain from fibromyalgia also have no ability to get high. I should add that alcohol no longer gets me tipsy. I can drink a six pack and get slightly sleepy but feel nothing resembling drunk... I remember being drunk just a few years ago so I know what it feels like. One aspect is that I know chronic pain shrinks the hippocampus and that can cause memory impairment and a loss of pleasurable sensations, but since no doctor seems to be studying the problem I am trying to research a little myself. It would be swell to get high, maybe if I had hash or opium, because frankly the daily pain is severe and sleep is hard to come by, but at this point I have given that hope up and just want to know if it is strictly my strange metabolism or the disease. But thanks for the advice anyway. I'll keep working on it. BTW the sex drive is totally gone... I am 67 years old and have friends 70+ who still enjoy sex. WTF?
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  11. I don't know, I'm pretty sure you'll get drunk if you drink 2 bottles of gin you'll get drunk. Same with bud, if you dab 2 grams of high quality concentrate and eat 1000mg edibles you'll get stoned.
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    Will Shirley: I have MS/nerve pain so i can only compare parts, IMO, 24-7 chronic pain does affect my ability to "feel high" i can take large quantities of narcotics without feeling any endorphin rush same goes for thc/cbd I think it relates back too my nerve receptors being damaged and chemical imbalances blocking the pleasure pathways (sex is pleasure) they keep trying to load me up with anti depressants which completely kill my sex drive right along with high blood pressure meds, it was likely a combination of meds and disease in my case, i now use a Cpap machine and high cbd to thc oil to help me sleep NOT until i was able to get 6hrs of actual sleep a night did things start to feel better, I am now almost entirely off prescriptions after 20yrs of heavy use and have never felt better.. I know Drs do not get it but having real intense daily chronic pain changes how the body functions IMO..... I wish you luck in your quest for knowledge
  13. I'm a totally different person, since contracting Lyme disease and fibro in 2005.
    If I don't take my psych meds, nothing feels right. Try a 100 mg. edible. I only smoke Sativa, because Indica brings me down.
    I prefer the disposable vape pens.
    Good luck.

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