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  1. Necessary to add dolomite lime at beginning or is it good to go?
  2. Absolutely necessary in all peat-based soils (unless you're a pro). Included or not, you'll need more... 1½ cups per bag of Ocean Forest, or ¾ cup of powdered dolomite lime per 5 gal bucket.

    If not, your PH will drift towards acidic, and you'll be chasing nutrient lockout for the rest of your grow.

    Good luck dude :smoke:
  3. Absofruitly, I would add 1 cup per cubic foot of soil because FFOF gets to be VERY acidic after a month or so, due to the high peat content. Then, consider the fact that most ferts are acidic, and you've got the perfect conditions for pH lockout.

    My first grow dropped to a pH of about 4 in straight FFOF after the first few feedings, because I didn't use any lime and didn't pH adjust my water. The plants just completely stopped growing. After top dressing with lime and eggshells, flushing with distilled water, and feeding with a pH balanced nute solution, they're starting to show some nice new growth.
  4. I never experienced any nute lockout with my FFOF. Granted
    i transplanted each of my girls 3 times, (i started them in happy frog, then the next 3 containers were straight FFOF)

    It would never hurt to add some to your mix, but my plants seemed to respond very nicely to a straight FFOF pot.
  5. Okay thanks guys! Going to add it before I even start. I'm going with some organic fertilizer and worm castings/kelp as top dressing for my total nutes after about 3 weeks. Sound good?
  6. bump. anyone?

  7. THIS IS ALL TRUE! at least for me! I didn't know about dolomite lime when i bought my soil.... it stays at 5!!!!!! I have to ruin the soil to get it up to 6... flushing every time I water
  8. Can anyone answer me this? Is this sufficient?
  9. it is sufficient.

    by the way all the above replies were true..... as far as i cn tell...

    only reason i'm posting is to comment how funny it is that the title of this thread is FFOF.... there must be 200 other threads with the same title LOL

    i've used it too btw. some good shit... hot on nutes... if inorganic... and yea add the DL at the ratio the poster above mentioned// or don't, and just top dress if PH or defeiciency is an issue

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