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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by shroomiin, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, So I am using FF nutes for my outdoor girls. Grow big, tiger bloom, and big bloom, as you know.

    I have been feeding with grow big every other watering ~3tsp per gallon. I didn't know until now that it is beneficial to give it big bloom throughout the whole grow process. Will this matter much at all? what are the benefits of giving it big bloom when its not blooming?

    Anyways, it's getting about that time to switch to tiger bloom right? did you guys switch yet?

    Also, how should i go about switching? Should I do a watering with 1/2 grow big, 1/2 tiger bloom? then just switch to full tiger bloom?

    What does tiger bloom actually do? should i mix it with big bloom? Do they still grow in height and mass when you start to flower?

    sorry for all the noob questions.
  2. yea man its good to big bloom the during the whole process.im in new england in the preflower stages. some show sex some not yet. currently giving them 2tsp of growbig and 2 tsp of big bloom. when i switch to flower nutes ill give 3tablespoons of tiger bloom and 2tsp of of big bloom also per gal

    np for the noob questions, im currently on my first grow and i have beautiful ladiess all thanks to gc's threads and stickies
  3. awesome man just what i needed to know. Im in new england as well and mine are in a similar state.

    you meant to say tablespoons for the tigerbloom opposed to tsp right?

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