FF Grow Big for soil?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by urbanpoison, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Can I use it for soil even though it says for hydro use and has no instructions for soil application?
  2. Yes u can. Alot of nute companies dont have soil instructions printed on the bottle. Make sure u know ur soil well though because u can seriously burn ur plants if they are getting too much of any one nutrient. Good Luck.
  3. No...they have Grow Big for soil. You gotta get the green bottle that says soil, not the blue one that says hydroponics....make sense?? The hydroponic blend is a completely different fertililzer than the soil blend. Hydro is 3-2-6, soil is 6-4-4, hydro calls for 2 tbsp per gallon, soil calls for 1 tbsp per gallon. Next time look at the bottle more carefully.
  4. Are you using soil or are you using soil-less medium, such as Promix? I've used FF Grow Big (standard version, green label) in both soil, promix, and in a hydroponics setup through rockwool. I've also used FF Grow Big Hydroponic (bluish label) in soil. Obviously, FF made a standard and hydroponic version for a reason, but it is not the end of the world if you use one for the other. Just follow the directions on the bottle and cut back if you get nutrient burn.
  5. Hoot this is what I have...I am a hydro grower converting to soil. I didn't buy the wrong stuff without reading the bottle. Thanks for ratio's though.
  6. newguy did it give the awful chemmy taste to your soil grow with the grow big hydro?
  7. I didn't notice any additional chemical taste to my nugs but it is hard to say. I flush with clearex for 4-5 days and use final phase the last couple. Never had a problem with chemical taste in my nugs :D
  8. Oh I'm glad you mentioned clearex..I have some. Never tried the stuff..smells kinda strong. I'm assuming it works good if your using it. Can you tell a difference between when you used it and when you flush with just plain old water? Thanks for the replys btw!:smoke:
  9. Oh, sorry if I came off as a smart ass than....I tend to do that. I really dont see why it would cause too much of a problem to use the hydroponics blend with soil, but if I were you Id spend another $13 on a bottle on the soil formula, Im sure it will work much better.

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