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  1. I planted my bubblicious and annapurna about 5 days ago now and i was wondering when i do start addind nut to the water?
    been a long time since i grew:(
    also does anyone have any figures on yield from either my bubblicious are supposed to be auto but ive heard theres some issues with some seeds any help wud be awesome:D
  2. You should start feeding nutes after 3 or 4 weeks. It has all the nutes it needs until that time. Don't know about the yield though... I do have some seeds that's named Enough Bubbles. That is supposed to be Bubbleicious X Bubbleicious (it might be Bubblegum, I can't remember). Can't wait to see how those are...
  3. alrite cheers:)
    any ideas on light cycles for u personally?
    i know everyone thinks differently and all that...
    just i notice theyre growing very fast and i wanna be sure that they dont strech. Rite now theyre on full light but im debatin bringin it to 20/4 or 22/2

    yeah man if they are bubblicious i think ur in for a treat seems the yield from them is quiet high judgin by full grown plants ive seen:)
  4. Yeah you can go with 24/0 or 20/4 or 18/6 if you want for veg. Then when they are ready you turn it down to 12/12... If you don't want stretching you should go for 20/4 or more light in veg.
  5. sweet i reckon ill give it another 4 days or so on full light then reduce it to 20/4

    also for my nute im gonna be using 7.5/1/1 for the veg how are these ratios?
    can u make any suggestions for me?
  6. Yeah, well I use the Canna Terra line. They also have a line for organic soil grows and a line for hydro. The Veg nutes for soil has a NPK of 3-1-3 I think. The exact NPK for Canna Terra Flores (what I use in flowering) is 2.1-1.7-3.2.

    I supplement with PK 13/14 which has exactly that, NPK 0-13-14. If you didn't know the NPK is the % of the nute in the solution.
    So PK 13/14 has 13% P and 14% K.

    I've also heard very good things about advanced nutrients.
  7. so would u think my nutes are too low in the others other than nitrogen?
    like shud i aim for a higher pk and p ive heard u want high nitrogen and low of the other two in the veg state
  8. The plant needs much N in veg and more P and K during flowering. I don't know too much about macro and micro nutrients and all of that, so maybe you should make a thread asking for What to supplement with and all of that.

    All I can advice to is what nutes to use, and in that case I would recommend Advanced Nutrients or Canna Terra (if growing in soil). I have experience with the latter and have good results with it. If I was to substitute it for anything or change nutes, I would go with A.N.

    Good luck man!
  9. cheers man ill have a look around:)
    got any idea what kinda yield i can hope for from a bublicios?
  10. Let me google that for you

    Here's some info I found there (but please try the link :D)

    Flowering time\t8-9 weeks
    Indoor Yield\t500 gr/m2

    This # is most often based on a 400w /m2 (HID)setup.

    Hope that helps man.
  11. sweet
    but whats that per plant?
    ive read about 30g is to be expected from each plant does that seem too little?
    i mistakenly expected about 100g from each plant but ive revised my expectations a little:p
  12. That's good. I have way too high expectations my first time. 30 sounds reasonable. What is your setup like?

    Those numbers I gave you previously were under optimal conditions with a professional grower, I suspect. I'm not getting that... yet.

    We'll see in a few week though.:smoke:
  13. well i currently have them under a 250W cfl 2700k in a space about 2X3X5 i have two bublicious and two annapurna ( about which noone seems to know anything:p)
    i have them in a compost soil mix with high humus content to keep my girls happy:)
    yeah i was thinking that too im hoping for about 30 i think i would be happy with that
    give it time man:)
    have u been growing long?
  14. Not that long, just a few years. Who can keep track of that anyways... I've mostly been getting to know the strains I have and trying to maximize on those. Cloning and perfecting the conditions and all that. Now recently I got some very nice seeds, and now I have so many I don't know what to do with them. I'm saving them of course. I don't want to start from regular seeds at the moment, because I have perfectly good clones of some awesome strains. I did germ some feminized seeds, and those are doing great.

    Are both of those autos? I've heard that autos can vary a bit in yield. If we're talking about autos 30 would be pretty good, so 20 isn't bad.
  15. yeah 20 isnt bad but id like 30:p
    i kinda built it up
    whatever i get ill be happy i just want some of my own to smoke:)
    hehe thats a good response i think ill keep this going more or less indefantly now im really enjoying having something to look after.
    i would love to get my hands on lots of different seeds and just go nuts which i may very well do:p
  16. If they are auto's you want to keep the lighting at 20/4 during the entire time. They will start to flower on there own after about 4 weeks. Feed very light on nutes as auto's do not eat alot. Very skimpy eaters. You should not even add any nutes until you see flower signs unless you see signs of deficiancy before then.

    Your yield will depend on how much lights you have mostly. Using less than 20 hours of light per day during the entire grow will lower your yeilds.

    Good luck!
  17. sweet yeah i have them on 24 hour at the moment but theyre only about 6 days old so theyre still seedlings nearly onto their second set of leaves now tho:)
    im a very proud daddy at the moment:)
    so with 20/4 u reckon it would help optimise my yield?
    any other tips ?
    ive read about some hints for increasing yield but they are mainly in the last two weeks such as addin molasses and prunin leaves
  18. Feed molasses from week 4 and all the way to the end. Try to have both spectrum during both veg and flowering. Like supplementing that CFL with some smaller ones, with the other spectrum.
  19. so invest in some lights in the red spectrum?
    what kinda wattage shud i be using for this kinda set up?
    nice:) dya have any idea how good it is at bulking out the yield?
  20. also is my soil mix ok?
    i think ill use sand and perlite mixed with my compost soil what do u guys think?
    any suggestions?

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