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  1. Hey I am not sure if I am going to grow but I was wondering if some people could answer a few questions.

    first off
    I know growing takes time and learning but I want to make sure I can grow a plant and not fail miserably for my first time. so my questions is
    is there a lot of trial and error in growing? or usually does it just work out if you do it properly?

    can i use seeds i get from street bags or is the best/only possible way to get clone seeds ?

    thanks for your time!!!
  2. Not much trial and error, if you know what you're doing before you start you will grow succesfully, yeah bag seeds work well, not sure what you mean by clone seed though.

  3. clone seed i mean you buy the seed from a website
    like northern lights or anything
    i should have said strain probably
  4. Just have confidence in anything you do and your set. If the next pothead can do it, so can you. Just learn the basics first.

    Essentially, discern between soil and hydro and understand the advantages/disadvantages of both. Understand the benefits of each method of growing for hydro and soil. Then choose the one that sounds best to you. Trust me, no one method is entirely correct. Just pick the method that you know is right for you and within your means. Don't get greedy with the yield. If you do it'll take you forever to start growing.


    If you lack space in terms of vertical height (and I suppose surface area) then execute the Scrog. Beginners should do soil scrog while intermediate should do hydro scrog.

    Otherwise, I have always been a fan of Ebb'n'Flow for various reasons. I charge you to read as much as possible though. Only way to learn.

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