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  1. Just give your opinions... I am not a novice first time grower but it has been a little while and I am ready to jump back into it with the proper equipment and planned setup. There are so many techniques and ways to cultivate this wonder medicine of ours.

    I plan on setting up a grow with two room minimum, 36 plant min...
    I have a new 1000mH Digilux w/ Lumatek 1000w adjustable
    I have two new Lumatek Dual 600w
    I have four new Hortilux 600w HPS
    I have four new 6" Cool Tubes

    I need nutrients, a few more buckets (going soil duh!), I live in the hot desert and probably need a portable A/C, T-5's for clone... But I need advice for revisions and additions. I don't know how my vegg will be setup... I have rocked an open hood (no glass diffusion) with a 8" exhaust venting the heat...
  2. What is a good organic soil nutrient line to start with?

    How should I set up my Vegg room? One 1000w MH with open or closed hood or tube? Duct heat out? Do I NEED an A/C unit to maintain the proper temps in room?

    How do YOU recommend I setup my rooms?
  3. So many questions all in one post! I'd go with the closed hood in the veg room, vent the heat from the light outside the box. If you live in the desert, you will definitely need to cool the grow space with A/C. Also, a good idea will be to make sure your humidity stays low when using A/C.

    As far as nutrients go, there's plenty of nutrient vendors on the market. I use the Dynagro line, but lots of people use GH or Fox Farms. At least those are the common ones I've run in to. The soil can be made up of an organic compost mixture, or other pre-bagged good solid STERILIZED soil. I use Fox Farms Ocean Forest personally. Cheap and easy to use. Make sure you also provide lots of aerated drainage for your root structure. Most people use perlite or vermiculite. Make sure you use these safely as I've heard the dust can be harmful to the respiratory system.

    Hopefully I've answered at least some of your questions, I'm fairly new to growing also, but I've read a lot about "best practices". GOOD LUCK!
  4. I will be having the house's A/C flowing into both the Vegg and Flower room, just wondering if that alone will be enough running 3200-4200w in flower in those cool tubes. & 1000w in Vegg... Just wanting to know if I should get an additional portable A/C, like a 12,000 btu (1Ton).

    I understand that my rooms have a lot of amps going so I am going with 220 of course.

    I will be venting the outside air through the tubes and right back outside. I already have a nice large carbon filter for my smoking room that hasn't been used often I will be using in the house.

    I plan on using some of Fox Farm's products, I like the organics and the numbers are low. The plants always seem to like it and I have never been able to give them too much. I have ran the Nectar for the Gods full line before with good results...down side is it is a lot of work and is a little on the pricey side... Has anyone tried the Nectar for the Gods?
  5. I am also going to be using Sunshine soil w/ big chunk perlite. I have had pleasant results with this mix. Going to be using 3-5gallon buckets as well..

    Vegg or Flower: Should I use mylar or just white walls?

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