few questions about taking clones

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lafntiger, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. ok so i have 3 plants i really needa take clones from i just made my clones box and my RH is there is like 85% pretty good huh....so all i have is a couple rockwool cubes which are soaking as we speak in a PH balanced bowl of water @ 5.5 ph......ok i got great white (the powder kind) so i take the clones at max hieght of like 7 inchs dip in great white trim all lower nodes and cut off 50% of each leaf o and one more thing my plants are like 3 weeks into flowering is this gonna be a big problem?
  2. it is difficult to get viable clones from a plant that far into flowering. the plant has completely stopped root production and has released a hormones to promote reproduction. it can take a month or more to get clones to root from a plant that far into flowering. also the powder stuff isn't very good. i would suggest ordering some seeds. if you really like that strain and really want to clone it, take more clones than you need and have plenty of patience. good luck.
  3. well see i got a rare clone its called beast og and its like brand spankin new to the world a travelled great distances to get it so i wanna take a couple clones
  4. Why do you cut leaf edges etc when taking cuttings? Does that help? My plants are getting big so before I force flower I just cut a few lower branches, dipped the root plugs in some kelp water but I did not cut any leaves or tips? Should I ?

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