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Few Pictures

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DiGits, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I got this the other day, I'm just wondering how you guys would rate it? Not sure what its called, my buddy picked it up for me. It looks pretty damn good to my eyes and smells incredible :D.


  2. o_O
    how much is that?
    id like to have it :p
    really good dank
  3. Great stuff dude.:smoke:
  4. I paid $10 a g.
  5. Looks like a sweet ass Indica of some sort. Enjoi:smoke:
  6. looks like some of those danks. :smoke:
  7. Nice price, nice buds :cool:
  8. Looks like some cryptodankpineappleexpresssourdieselchronicdankshitcoolstuffzomggoodweed.

    Or it could be some stupidnamemadeupbydealerweedbudsmokedankhydro.

    Or "dro".

    Kids these days. :smoke:
  9. 8 if it has a lot of crystals 9
  10. looks good man, great price too.

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