Few outdoor growing questions.

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  1. hello everyone,

    I just had some questions, i am concered with the security of my growing site. i was planning on having about 4-6 females and i was thinking that might emit to strong of a odor.how far can the odor travel? also how much of a area would this cover(i am going to try lst.) lastly how big is the plant when they show sex. i am worried about this b/c if im going to try for 4-6 females i would have to plant more than 4-6 plants and so if i have to wait till they are nearly fullgrown to determine sex that could be much harder to cover.
    thanks for the help
  2. look for clones, 100 % female! select ones that are rated lower odor. if not get fem seeds. look on seedbank forum for seed info. inside my plants are about 24 inches when you can sex. hope this helps.

  3. i agree with blkwhtdog,
    get fem seed or clone's from female stock or mother plant...
    this is good feedback bro..;)

    odor will not be a problem outdoor's except at night...for the most part..lol
    i really would not worry to much..if there around your house also grow flower's or whatever can help mask the smell if it's a huge worry or factor of your grow op.that alway's help's and add's camo too..
    they will blend right in..
    if wood or forest growing ..f'k the smell..lol

    i'd grow 12 if you want 6 max...even if they all do great you can alway's weed out smaller, weaker females leaving those narly girl's for a big nice harvest...plus critter's will prob eat a few anyway..and weather will probly claim one or two as well..

    most strain's do not show sex until they are flowered or till the outdoor fall season hit's and the daylight hours decrease..usually any were from oct-nov on most strain's..sativa's generaly take longer..indica or indica dom usualy harvest sooner..

    if you decide to just grow reg seed instead of a clone or fem, grow 20..
    then after they are about 5-6 week's old take one clone off each one and flower them ...this will let you know what are females and whatnot way before your crop show's sex..
    just keep track of what clone goes to what plant ya dig?


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