few beginer growing ?s

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kr4zY-tOkA-IvXx, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. hey all
    this is my first time tryin to grow .. ill give u sum info now..
    i picked up an OZ of some killer weed from my buddy that i usualyl always get my stuff from .. and he gave me a sac of seeds with the bud for the hell of it >.< kuz i was chattin wit him tellin him i am intrested in growin..well i just picked out about 10 seeds .. filled a small pot with nice fertile soil with P in it .. soo i threw em in a dixie cup sized pot and waterd it till the soil is moist ..

    how long do u think i should wait to see sum sprouts to know if they are fertile seeds or not ;

    thnxs for ur adivice

  2. give it a week too week and few days..
  3. WOOOT one of the five seeds sprouted ./.. how long should i wait to plant it
  4. for best results with seed planting i do the following:

    start em off in a cup of water till they get lil white stems keep em on top of the computer monitor or a fish tank, anything consistantly warm

    next use only water thats been left out in the open air for 12+ hours this lets the chemicals and shit evaporate use this type of water to germinate in and to water plants

    next take a 1 gallon bucket( a bucket this big lets the tap root drill down 4 inches atleast this gives higher probability of a female plant. )

    put stones on the bottom of it and cut holes with a knife to allow it to breathe, then add soil( just plain soil with no white lime stones or chemicals or nothing) after the seeds have germinated take a straw and cut diaginally on the tip this can be used to gently scoop up the germed seed without damaging the root

    these are some basics i find myself work great
  5. im confused

    in the 1 gallon tank .. does there need to be soil.. just water or what .. plz go into a lil more detail

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