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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Saintex422, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I went to my first festival, Gathering of the Vibes, in Bridgeport, CT this past weekend. After months of anticipation, i couldn't wait for a good time. I felt like everyone there was a bunch of wannabes who just want to tell everyone how hardcore they are by telling everyone about all of the other festivals they have been to. And then, there was shit everywhere. Literally, human shit all over the camp ground. I was however extremely impressed by all of the types of nug i found but i felt like i was smoking it to escape from the horrible conditions around me. Every drug i tried there was fake except for acid. It made me start to realize that pot is the only thing that has any value in that culture. Thank god for it, or i made not have made it all the way through. Are all festivals like this? With shit everywhere? Or did i just go to a bad festival?

    Sorry about the choppyness I just got back and im kind of fried.
  2. Greetings,

    Wow, that sounds like an incredibly negative scene. Times like this, I'm glad for my dispensaries and my cafes.

    At least some good came out of it and you got some good herb.
  3. You just picked the wrong one man. At Rothbury this year I didnt come across, or hear anyone complain about any fake drugs (except for opium). And the only shit that was on the ground was horse shit from the mounted patrols. If you want your next festival experiance to be one of the greatest times you will ever have in your life, got to Rothbury next year.
  4. DO NOT go to camp bisco

    but allgood is probably good

    and it all depends on your campsite too man.
  5. dude i was there for 3 days and walked through almost every camping area there was, and saw no shit all over the place.. i think you might be exaggerating a bit? I mean even at these fests people don't just shit "all over the place" lol..

    i thought it was a pretty great scene.. donno about the bad drugs, i usually bring my own.
  6. I havent been to a major festival in a few years because of my injury......but at Woodstock 99...plenty of people poo everywhere...and tons of bad drugs.

    I am an old school deadhead....pre-In the Dark era. and have been to my share of smaller jamband/bluegrass, reggae fests...never experienced the poo/ gank effect...ever. But in the mid-90's the scene absorbed a bunch of douchebags and thats when this type of shit became the status quo...gatecrashing, ripoff artists, disrespectful little kids who think taking a deuce next to the tire on your car is funny shit.........anyway. this shit happens....stay away from the real commercial ventures.
  7. hard to compare woodstock 99 with the vibes man.. it's like 4x the size.

    i just find it hard to beleive when someone says "there was shit everywhere" it just wasn't the case.
    the dead scene absorbed the douchebags well before the 90's man.. more like 88 is when it started to get bad imo
  8. thats about when I jumped on the bus.....we didnt behave that way though man. We respected each other and the earth. We cleaned up after ouselves and each other....never hawked bogus anything. Gave rides, money, nugs, miracles, hugs food. The wave of big problems seemed to come later, but in your eyes I was probably a part of the deterioration of the scene....being a "newer" fan. Lots of older heads thought that and we strived to prove them wrong.

    I guess Woodstock was a bad reference....didnt know about Vibes being so much smaller and didnt think about it.

    I sincerely miss those days man...laying outside Merriweather on a blanket, listening to soundcheck, arguing about what was going to be played, what condition the old man was gonna be in, last night's show, tomorrow's show, what drugs we intended to know the deal.
    Then going in and shakin your bones all night. Partying into the next day/week/month/
  9. simple fix:

    attend better festivals.

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