Festi tapers and downloaders... HELP!!! (Bit-torrent crap)....

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  1. Does anyone know anything about this Bit Torrent nonsense??

    I like to DL live shows I've been to, usually festivals. Archive.com is good, but they are biased towards what some consider 'non-jambands' like the Black Crowes (which are soooo a jamband and fucking killed it Friday night at the Vibes).

    I never wanted to do the Bit Torrent thing because it inv9olved downloading too much. But, when I was trippin' friday night of the Vibes, The Black Crowes put on an amazing show.... and of course, Archive.com doesn't have it. They have the more popular sets like Phil and Deep Banana Blackout.... but not much more than like 10 of the 20 some odd acts that were there.

    So.... I went to bt.tree.com or whatever, and downloaded the Black Crowes set. Then, I realized I needed to DL fucking Winamp and a plug-in for Winamp, and a Bit Torrent program. So I did all that. I got the show onto Winamp and it did it's thing... I mean, it changed the files from whatever to the files I can hear on Winamp.

    The main reason I wanted to show is to listen to in on my iPod. I don't know about you guys, but I don't listen to that much music sitting in front of my computer.... or in the left rear quadrant of my house where the CPU sits. So I found a link online that gave instructions on how to get the show from the Bit Torrent file to iTunes. It didn't work. I got all the way to the point where you drag the files/folder over to my iPod playlist in iTunes..... but iTunes wouldn't take it. They wouldn't add.

    Does anyone know how to do that??? Or even better.... can someone put the damn show on archive.com!?!?!?!?!?!? The link I used for instructions is below...


    So once I was listening to the Black Crowes kill it, and realized I couldn't get it onto my iPod, I said fuck it and deleted everything I had just downloaded.... the BT program, Winamp, the pug-in, and the two shows I downloaded.

    Isn't there a hippie, non-computer wizard-friendly way to get these shows easier?? I mean, once I downloaded Winamp, my whole computer's set-up changed. Files that I usually play on Windows Media Player were changed to be opened with Winamp...which I hate.

    Damnit... all i want is the Black Crowes on my iPod so I don't have to sit in front of the CPU to hear it. I listen to jams when I'm riding my bike or scooter, driving, or chiling somewhere I can connect the tiniy speakers. Not by myself in my house.
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