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  1. hey yall i was just wanderin if some of these ferts would help like a bannana peel or doo doo or would i just need to get miracle grow or a fert from the store? peace and keep token
  2. are you trying to be cheap or organic? haha
  3. hey man this is my first grow and im not completly sure what to use. a lil help
  4. you generally need two kinds of ferts. One for veg. stage and one for flower. On most ferts, the label lists the type of nutrients in the form of N-P-K (nitrogen-Phosphorus-potassium) for veg ferts you want to have a balance such as 20-20-20 or higher nitrogen than phos. and potassium. (30-10-10). Generally many people use 20-20-20 but its your choice.

    For flowering, you want a fert thats high in Phos. such as 5-50-7 or somthing. these are random numbers so i dont know if they exist but you get the point.

    also never use fert for every watering. Start out small and gradually increase amounts. Some fertilize their plants once every one or two weeks. The plant will tell you what they want and need. Post up if you have any problems.
  5. Is Schultz Plant Food Plus any good? It's 10-15-10.
  6. how big do they have to get to start fertilizin
  7. I use it.
  8. He said... "doo doo":D
  9. cannabible2,
    The problem with using banana peels and poop is you really don't know how much NPK they are getting not to mention whether or not they are getting the necessary micro nutrients (calcium, boron, zinc, molybdenum etc.).
    Fertilize when they are between 3-5 nodes tall or 3.5 weeks old. If you use
    15-10-10 for veg for instance, use 10-15-10 for flower. Try to keep the vegging and flowering fertilizer within the same numeric NPK ratios. In other words if you use 30-15-20 for veg don't use 2-7-3 for flower. Make sense?

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