ferts? when and how much

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lacrossestar, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. how much ferts and when should i start ferting my baby its just working its 3rd and 4th leaf out not evern a node on it and the first fake leaves that are round are falling off is this shock from the cold weather or from me having to keep on moving it but i will not move again it is in its final resting spot so when do i start ferts or should i just let good ol mother earth do it for me and just water my babe

    o ya out door grow forgot to mention
  2. 2-3 weeks in...just small bits tho like 10-10-10 and dilute it a bit.
  3. Like Stylzes said, start at about 2-3 weeks. Don't use miracle grow and shit like it, if you dont' dilute it to at least 1/4 potency you will burn your roots. Make sure you have a good N-P-K ratio. I use Fox Farms natural organic ferts. and get HUGE BUDS!!!! Organic is the way to go. Find a hydroponic store near you and ask for help, they will get you started. Don't talk about growing "pot", they might not help you. Talk about it as if you are growing vegetables. Good luck with your grow!!!!!

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