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  1. Okay...at what height/time should I start fertilizing my plants?

    I was thinking that at whatever time was necessary, to get some solid ez-grow things and stick one in the soil, then get a water soluble fert and mix it in a spray bottle, then spray the leaves. What should I use, where can I get them, and how should I feed my plants?

    Also, would it be a good idea to grow a pair of male and female together seperately from the females so that I can have a renewable source of seeds?
  2. I'm not to sure about when to do all this but I remeber my step father using those ez-grow sticks, they worked pretty good by them selves. I don't think that you want to over feed these plants.

    I have a similar question for others to assist with. I was wondering if the Miracle-grow tomato plant food is good enough to feed my babies. I don't need it now because I already have wormcastings in the soil. If it is good when will I need to start?

  3. Anything that does good with Tomato plants also does good for weed.

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