fertilizing in flowering stage?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 603sensimilla, Jan 26, 2009.

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    My plant is in its flowering stage. As soon as it started budding i stoped fertilizing all together and just water it every 3-4. its about 3-4 weeks into the flowering stage and no signs of any sort of deffinciency has really occured but with out any nutrients will that overall effect the amount of bud i get from the harvest? what do you recomend?
  2. why did you do that?

    have you done any research on how to grow a marijuana plant? do a favor before you ask a question like this, and research first.

    the answer to this question is easily found, and the search tab is in the upper right-ish corner of your comp screen.

    and you should be using nutes still, you never should have stoped until 1-2 weeks before cutting.
  3. Yeah why? :eek:
  4. alright i've done research and know what i have to do with fertilizing. what im asking is since i stoped using fert all together to early, what would happen if i started back up. or is becoming to late in the flowering cyle
  5. You tell us, is it late? How do the ladies look? In Grandpa's grow guide he sais "Also around week 6 (or sooner if you grow an early finisher) you will notice that the white hairs are starting to turn brown/orange. This means that the buds are getting ripe. A rule of thumb is adding another 3 weeks (after the first brown hairs appear) to estimate the harvest date, so you know when to stop with the ferts."

    You got brown hairs yet? If not you got 3+weeks till it is all done so hit those girlies with some bud juice.

  6. Any updates? Pics? Pretty please, I just can not get enough bud porn ;-)
  7. this is where im at right now.


    this is my first grow any advice for next time?
  8. i honestly gottas say for your first grow its not that bad just make sure theres no ball sackssss lol that wouldd suckk so badd lol but anyways ive never fucked up fertilizing but it looks like u got another good couple weeks before that baby can even wonder when your gonna cut her honestly MY opinion is to throw some fertilizer in for another 4-7 days maybe alittle more an see if theres a major change what strand is this btw? look's a bit like northern
  9. stretch armstrong!

    lol, jk. Yeah your grow is looking decent of beginner. Like it was stated above...Keep feeding your plant till 2 weeks before you chop it down. During that two weeks make sure to flush it nice and good and keep her watered. Last thing you want is a bunch of nutes in your bud.... tastes like poisen!
  10. btw what is that? looks like it has some of the white family in it... lots of crystals on the head.
  11. Nice pics, they look a little stretchy but very healthy. You got the touch I guess. What kind of nutes did you go with for flowering?
  12. Can anyone direct me to a fourm on this page about NPK rating when switching to flowering? This is my second time at it and I've got 9 total all looking like girlies. One is a Blue Dream clone and the others are some mystery seeds. First crop came out nice, 1 B.D. seed and a plant i named "the force" also a mystery seed.
  13. Should be more P and K then N during flowering .

    So just look at the back of some Fertilizers and make sure the P and the K is more then N
    I use 3-6-7 NPK once a week they seem to like it :)
  14. Thanks for the knowledge, during veg I give them 5-1-1 aka fish emulsions and last time i flowered i gave my two girls cactus fertilizer from miracle grow its NPK is 2-7-7 and they seemed to like it but the buds on my indica were small and popcorny. But my question is does it contain enough of the other vital nutes for growing strong buds? What brand are you using to get that NPK rating?

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