Fertilizing Before Germination.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by KillerGenius, May 11, 2006.

  1. I threw about 5 good beans in the ground 6 days ago and watered it with a little miracle grow.:confused: Confused? don't be.
    I didnt germinate or anything just threw them in the hole and watered with fertilizer...
    It rained three days in a row for a total of 4 waterings so far.
    My theory is you can fertilize young seedlings, even seeds if you flush afterwards.
    I wanted to see if they would sprout faster and they did and they are 2 times greener than any seedling i have ever sprouted (it's really good midgrade bagseed).
    I'll post in a week or two to tell you how they are doing.:p

  2. Bagseed can be OK, if you liked the smoke, bagseed will grow you some more of the same.

    Do whatever works for you in your climate.

    But do it, try your ideas out, don´t just talk about doing it.

    And do please let us all know how you got on.
  3. what you mean? got on the website? i just google searched marijuana cultivation.:cool:
  4. ive just started growing outdoors with bagseed 30 all together and theyre coming along fine, 3 days old now. the smoke which they came from was good stuff, the taste was ok but the high was even better, it was strong stuff. it came from an old spanish guy who gave my neighbour a bag full!
    cant wait for the finished product!

    good luck with your grow
  5. hey just checked on the kids, they look nice. They now have growing tips and are producing the second set of leaves. I'll post pics in a few weeks srry.:rolleyes:
  6. You fertilize soil or growing medium, not plants or seeds.
  7. I fertilized the whole growing area around my seeds that were in the ground, planted may 10th and now have plenty of foliage to grow quickly. They are the most lime green plants i have ever seen. I can't wait to see how they turn out. One was leaned over from the wind they were 2" high. I buried them until they were an inch tall.

    Oh yeah i failed to mention I can't visit the site very often. So i am gorilla growing to minimize trips to the site. 3 plants altogether and i will top them at 8 inches and tie them down after they get taller.:)
  8. Gorilla growing??

    Like this guy??
  9. I just put seeds in a pot and put it outside, about a week and a half later, I got 2 sprouts out of 3 seeds.
  10. Hey does anybody know if putting a coke bottle over your plants with a few holes poked in it increases its growth rate?

  11. Maybe it would get the plant to 6 inches tall a day or 2 quicker. Acting like a small greenhouse. But obviously not a major difference.
  12. yea sooooooooooo

    im pretty sure lime green plants are bad...

    anyone else wanna confirm that for me?
  13. lime green plants aint bad in texas we smoke lime green
  14. some rodent or deer bit my baby plants half in two..... but he/she didnt eat them they just bit them in two and spit it back on the ground.. it was only on its second node.. im PO'ed​

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