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  1. i have been reading this forum like crazy but still have a few questions about a few things. one of those has to be about fertilizers. can someone give me some pros/cons of both chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers? from what i have read, i know that organic is by far better but seems to be a lil more confusing.
  2. organical grown anything is better than chemical grows, bottom line. whats easiest is another story. most new growers start off using chemicals knowing they would rather use organics. a couple of things you should know. most organics smell horendous and attract all sorts of pest. something you may want to take into consideration if youre growing indoors.

    as long as when you are a vegn you are using something high in nitrogen, and potasium, like miracle grow 30-15-30, youre fine. when you go flower, you want less nitrogen and potasium and more phosphorous for big buds. so you would go with something like 10-50-10, dropping the amount of nitrogen and potasium, increasing phosphorous.

    and chemicals come with a little measuring spoon and detailed directions of use, organics, kinda a shoot in the dark. its easier to burn with chemicals, harder with organics. its all up to you. id say go with chems your first grow, get some exp and then step it up to organics. :)
  3. i am going to home depot/lowes in the morning and i will let you know what i buy. thanx again, naughty dread.
  4. youre welcome and happy hunting! i always get paranoid when hunting for supplies lol, i feel like everyone knows why im buying the stuff and i swear whenever i go everyone else is buying shit for the same things :)
  5. yeah, i felt the same way when i was buying the potting soil and pots and it is the middle of november. is there anything else i need to look for (fertilizer) besides a fert for veg and one for flowering?
  6. thats pretty much it, not a whole lot you need. the 10-50-10 fert is called peters bloom. its some good stuff for a chemical. i got it at hq.
  7. is 10-10-10 a good fert to use?
  8. so glad you told me. i more than likely would have gave it some fertilizer before that day. good looking out.

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