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  1. I am starting to grow some plants in my basement. I have read info on how to grow the plants on www.overgrow.com and other useful websites. There's one problem though. Whenever the guide gets to the fertilizer part, they just tell you what fertilizer to use such as miracle grow, and earth juice. I want to know how often you put the fertilizer in the plants, and also how often you do it. I'm growing my plants in a 2 gallon pot. Also, many of the websites say that using a jiffy pot during the germination stages is good cause you don't really have to worry about moving the plant into a bigger pot? Shoud I use a jiffy pot. I could use any information you experts got for me. Thanks for ur advice.

  2. Whoops. hehe. Little typo. What I meant to say in the second part of the sentence, is how much fertilizer you put into the plants.
  3. First I don't like jiffy pots as they restrict root depth, the tap root really wants to get down there and by restricting this, more males may develope, lose em. You really should be in miminum 4-6" pots. There is a ton of info on ferts, I think you do some more reading and you'll find what your looking for. TB out
  4. yeah dude, you have to find what you like, and what your plants respond best too... i have my own personal mix, but i do recommend worm castings, not as straight fert, but and additive...
  5. i would say fert AT MOST every other time u water the soil. and also bat shit works well to mix into ur soil.. some old time growers i know say to put some sand or rocks in ur soil to give the roots something to bind to and also help the drainage of water and shit.
  6. I've always had rocks in my pots, good drainage y'know. I usually fert at every feeding, the most is 1/2 strength but start at 1/4 strength til your plants get used to it
    TB out
  7. I would start with half strength nute feedings.2 nute feeds then 1 of plain PHed water.Repeat.Gradually bump up the strength of your nutes until you reach full strength.If your plants can`t handle full strength nutes it will show,and ya can cut them back a little.Here`s a link to General Hydroponics fert calculator.It may help,depending on what nutes you use.


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