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  1. what is ur fav. fertilizer for seedlings and beginning veg. my seedlings are like 3 weeks old and growing pretty slowly, but i think its time for some nutes. any suggestions on brand name (MG, vigoro, etc). and what should the balance of nutrients be (10-10-10, 5-3-3-) etc? i heard that MG isnt good, but i dont know what type of organic fertilizer to use. in home depot i saw vigoro and MG, but im not sure what to get. thanks alot
  2. I make my own fert from Russian comfrey, see my separate thread on that.

    If necessary I supplement that with BioCanna, comes in 2 types, for veg. and for flowering.
    But I don´t think you can buy that outside Spain or Portugal. Certainly not in the US, not with that leaf on it!!!
  3. spanish fly where can i buy that? is it available in all garden centre's?
  4. Yes, fisher, it is widely available. About €9 a bottle. In two garden centres around here, so must be easy to find.

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