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  1. I have miracle grow fertilizer for tomatoes and was wondering what strength I would feed the plants with... it's 18-18-21 and says to use half a tsp per gallon of water for indoor plants. Should I do less than that? Also how often should I feed? Thanks!
  2. Do you have a ec / tds meter? Do you have a ph meter? What is your current ppm level for your pots runoff? How old are your plants?
  3. No I don't usually use meters, maybe in the future though. The plants are only about a week old but I plan on feeding after about a month or so or when they look like they need it. Iv never really used this kind of fertilizer before and not sure how strong it is.
  4. Of course, your plants are nowhere near ready for nutes yet. Nutes are meant to be used once the plant has used up what naturally came in the soil. Starting them before it's time, will only fry your plants and shock them, setting them back until they recover. I've not used the MG tomato fertilizer, but everything associated with Miracle Grow products is typically "hot," so I would cut it to 1/4 the recommended dose on the package to start out with and then raise the ppm's as time goes on. If you're going to grow these things, you'll have to have a way to monitor and adjust the pH of all liquids going into your plants to a range of 6.3 to 6.7. Long term watering with pH out of range will eventually lock up the roots of your plants and not allow them to take in nutrition. A ppm meter is something that is great to have, but not something that is a must-have. I wouldn't attempt to grow without one myself and as a matter of fact, I just ordered a new one last night. LOL. They're relatively cheap compared to all the other stuff I have to buy to grow. I got this last one for around $20. It tells you how hot your nutrient solution mix is so you know if you've got it mixed up too strong or not. As far as the pH meter goes, don't waste your time buying one of the super cheap ones. They don't work well or right most of the time and since the pH isn't something you want to fool around with, buy one of quality so you'll know you're getting proper readings. You can pick up a decent quality pH tester for around $60+. The Cadillac model is the BlueLab pH pen and it runs about $80. I got a new one of these a couple of weeks ago and LOVE IT!!

    Put some time into researching the proper way to grow these plants. Everybody always thinks and thinks and researches and reads about the setup they are going to grow with. You need to put just as much effort into learning "how" to grow these plants since it's a bit more complicated than tossing seeds into soil and waiting for the magic to happen. Get on the new grower threads here on the forum and read till your eyes pop out. There are many posts there just for the new inexperienced grower and contain the basics one needs to know BEFORE you plant seeds. Most don't bother to learn it before though because they don't realize how important it is to understand this part of the whole process. You need a good understanding of proper watering practices, when to water and how to water and all about pH and it's affect on your plants. Read up on nutes...what they are, what the numbers on the container means and when in it's life cycle the plant needs each particular nutrient as it's needs change throughout it's life. Understand what kind of soil these plants like and why. If your soil doesn't have excellent drainage and enough perlite added to the mix, most of the time it will hold too much water and the plants don't like their roots sitting in moisture constantly. Read up on lighting too. The size and density of your buds is directly proportional to the strength of light it gets during the flower cycle. Learn about how to start your plants off in small containers to confine the root space and force foliage growth faster. Learn what the plant does first once it germinates and how it grows from that point on. There is a ton of basic info you really should already know, but it's all there waiting for you on the forum.

    Hope all goes well. TWW
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely have to look into getting those meters you mentioned when I have the extra funds for it. I'm not a complete beginner, 3rd time growing just never really messed with MG ferts before. Will definitely read up on nutrients here though, plus it never hurts to brush up on the basics lol.
  6. Miracle Grow = Scotts= Monsanto ..!

    you can do better

    good luck
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