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fentanyl gel patches

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xCrazyBeautiful, May 5, 2009.

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  1. what are some different things i can do with the gel in the 50 mcg 72 hr patches other than just putting the gel on my gums? yes i know how potent fentanyl is.. i'm prescribed to it, i don't get it off the street. just curious as to some things i could try since i have a few extra patches every month. :)
  2. i too am curious..have never had the pleasure of trying these..

    one day one day...:eek:
  3. top a bowl with it?
    dissolve it under your tongue?
    iv it?
  4. glad someone other than me is curious! i've just recently started getting the gel out of the patches, since im actually in pain i'm sure it doesn't fuck me up as much as someone who wasn't. but when i was first put on them i would wake up every 45 mins or so during the night of the day i put it on itching so bad. they're great! haha

    i think dissolving it under your tongue would have pretty much the same effect as putting it on your gums.. i read somewhere i think something about making it into powder form? i'm not sure though i could've imagined it since i couldn't find it anywhere when i searched for it.
  5. Don't top a bowl with it you will waste it. There is a way to smoke it, only takes a needle tip size too, but be careful with that. Tolerance will sky rocket quickly. I used to always heat mine up to help them kick in faster when first putting them on and when wanted to nod... once again.. too much too long will kill. Be safe.
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    You can cook it by microwaving the gel and turning it into a powder, but it is extremely dangerous because it is very hard to dose. It's so incredibly potent and many people have died due to this. It needs to be measured in micrograms to accurately and safely dose.
  7. the way i look at it, ill fuck with alot of shit. something thats administered transdermally and measured in micrograms and is extremely potent and deadly, that just aint my bag of beans. just stick it on your arm and feel great all day.
  8. Only fuck with the gel if you really know what you're doing. It's how most people OD on Fentanyl because you can get a huge dose at once.

    But yeah, you can turn that gel into a powder that can be snorted or banged. There's other tihngs you can do, including just eating the gel a little at a time, but I can't really be much help, I've never had it personally.
  9. be extremely careful
  10. thanks for your concern (no i'm not being a smartass.. i do appreciate it). i was just curious as to what all you could do although i seriously doubt ill ever do anything other than putting the gel on my gums or something similar. it's not important enough to me to risk my life just to be fucked up for a little while.. i won't even get rid of the extra patches i have because im scared somebody actually will do something the wrong way & OD, and i'd never be able to forgive myself!

    What do you mean you'd heat them up to help them kick in faster? that's the main thing i want to do is nod.. i've been on them for so long it doesn't do much anymore besides help my pain. it's hard for me to nod now and i miss it! haha. the only time i ever nod while im on them is when i take other opiates (also prescribed by the same doctor) but i'd like to do it again just once from the patch alone..
  11. You might be able to smoke it... Dry the gel out in the sun or something, when its completely dry top a bong hit with some and see how it works.

    You could also probably make a tincture with it, make some tea, few drops of gel in it, etc.
    (none of the above is proven, or recommended.)

    But the safest way is to just use it how your suppose to.
  12. More gel on your gums?
  13. Ok heres the best way I have found to use the mylan 50/mcg/hr patches. I know it sounds crazy but it works very well and I have never overdosed. If anyone tries this they do it on their own. I assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for people not experienced with this drug. It is a VERY POTENT DRUG!!!! With that being said, I take a magic eraser and rub it on the part of my upper arm where I am going to place the patch, until the area is nice and red... sometimes it even is bleeding a little bit, if it does this, wait for the bleeding to stop of course, clean the area good, then place the patch on and cover it with medical tape, because it has a very hard time sticking to this area after you do this to your skin... but you get the very best absorbtion.. it takes anywhere from 1 - 2 hours to start feeling the effects of it this way, but you get a very VERY nice effect.. that usualy last me over 24 hours. But I have a VERY HIGH opiate tolerance... used to use 2 grams of heroine a day!!!! So as I said, if you do not have a high tolerance... DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT DOING THIS... but of course people will attempt this so my suggestion is as soon as you feel the effects wait 15 mins then remove the patch... any longer then that and you WILL OVERDOSE!!! But the reason this method works so well is because with your skin prettymuch raw and very tender.. you have direct fentanyl to bloodstream contact.. and I have heard of other people dying just from using a razor to shave the area first before applying a patch. Hope this helps someone who actualy needs it for pain and nothing else seems to work. I am always in a lot of pain and thus I need this medication. But I WILL SAY IT AGAIN.. IF YOU ARE A WEEKEND USER SEEKING A HIGH AND DO NOT HAVE A VERY HIGH OPIATE TOLERANCE.. DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT THIS!!!!!!!! I DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH I CAN STRESS THIS.
  14. Oh and eating fentanyl gel does not work, it only has a 1.5% bio-availability. Sub lingual does not work well either neither does cheeking it, because you have to hold it under your tongue or between your gums for way to long for it to actualy absorb and have a decent effect. Wearing the patches as I described above is the best way of using these without IVing them.. which even I am afraid to try and will not do it even with my tolerance... so that should tell you how potent this drug is.
  15. Great job bumping a 3 year old thread -____-
  16. the fucks up with these dumbasses makin accounts just to bump drug threads??
  17. I guess I'm lucky in a way..I can have whatever I wish as far as pain killers and dosage.. But I also have a standing order at the hospital for fentanyl and morphine injections. But the buzz last less than 5 minutes..up until my car accident and amputation aspirin was the greatest pain killer for me..but oh I miss my graphix
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