Feminized seeds

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  1. Are they worth the money, I know that instead of gettin males you just get hermies. But is it worth the extra money becuase it is quite a bit more.
  2. If you have a serious grow set up and you have the money I would say go for it. But you could allways instead of getting 10 feminized for 150$ get a few 15$ packs of seeds from nirvana and youll be guarenteed to get atleast 10 females out of all those seeds.
  3. i bought a pack of 99 % female seeds grown 3 all female and gave 2 to a m8 hi's are female too.. 5 out of 5 so far..what else can i say i thought it was stress that causes your plant to go hermie.
  4. Create your own Female seeds: Alow a plant to go past ripe and you will likely get herming. Collect the pollen from the "male flower part" and use it to pollinate another female plant. This will give you feminized seeds. Keep in mind, if your plant herm's on its own it may be prone to this. Thous, your seeds will also be prone.
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  6. Hermies produce hermie seeds or female seeds, it's not something I would really spend money on. If you dont mind getting a hermie just get the normal seeds and turn it into a hermie before it shows it's sex. Next harvest you will be good to go, and have your own seeds that will grow fem or hermie and you saved money.
  7. you can get a 4pack of female seeds for like 15euros off of seedbay right? nirvana packs of 10 are 8-9euros

    i don't really see how they're that much more expensive. out of the seeds that germinate and turn out to be female out of the nirvana, you would probably be lucky to get 4 females.
  8. Yes, but your not always going to get female seeds. They can turn hermie very easily. And you have a 50/50 chance of getting females/males, so you'd probably get around 5 females from a nirvana pack.
  9. Feminized seeds are good and should render females 99% of the time. Hermies should not be a problem with feminized seeds, that is just a myth. Hermies can be caused by stress though so if you stress your feminized seedlings out you can get a hermie that way.

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