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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by glasshouse, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. I have noticed a lot of companies offering feminized seeds. How do they do this? And are they any good?

  2. Don't know how they doit but don't waste your money on them. Jusy buy ordinary seeds. I have never had one that hasn't germinated!
  3. Feminised seeds are good of course as you will only get female plants no worries about males or even hermies, though hermies can still develop of female seeds its harder to get them to become herms, though female seeds are done with gibrelic acid and arent really worth the high cost to purchase them, just stay with a good ordinary strain that does well for you and you should be fine....... but if ya want female seeds goto http://www.seedsdirect.to they have some female strains there,,,

    Good luck
  4. Feminized seeds are not really worth it, just clone your fav female plants! Then you will have endless females and no males at all...
  5. Stupid Newbie Question -

    Ok, I have read that both male and female plants produce buds - the females buds being more "hairy" and the male buds have some sort of "clustering". Can u still smoke the male buds??? Go ahead - Laugh all you want, LOL, some newbie had to ask. Other than that, is there any way to tell if your plants are male/female before budding stage, some have mentioned that the different sexes usually have a certain amount of leaves per branch. I dont know. Another newbie question.

  6. Well said,,,,I second the motion!

    And if you wish to smoke male pollen clusters,,you will not only be waaaay "below cloud9",,but will have a nasty assed taste in your mouth....


  7. I *gather* that if you can cover a branch with a bag / liner / something light proof, (and leave the rest of the plant to do 'its thing' normally) the covered part of the plant will begin to bud prematurely, allowing you to sex it without growing it for weeks... You will need to make sure the covered part of the branch is on a 12 /12 light cycle to induce flowering (as normal.. )

    I *think* I read that somewhere..


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