Feminized Seeds

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  1. When I had ordered seeds from a seedbank I received a couple of freebees.. I ordered all regular seeds but got feminized versions of amnesia, purple trainwreck, and g-13 haze. I decided to pop each of those 3 with the rest of my seeds and veg them together. The amnesia has grown strong as shit, but the g-13 haze and purple trainwreck seem weak, they have weak branches and the purple trainwreck has some crazy mutated leaves growing from it. Neither of these 2 have shown any signs of sex in over 2 months where as my regular seeds have shot pistols as well as the amnesia. Taking this into consideration as well as the fact feminized seeds come from a hermie'd mother I'm nervous about either the g-13 haze or the purple trainwreck hermieing and fucking all my work up.. I have never grown from a fem'd seed before and am wondering if anyone can tell me what the chances are of a fem'd seed carrying that hermit trait.


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