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  1. When reading through many of the feminists threads on here, I sense a lot of 'tension'. 
    Do any of you whom specify yourselves as males feel threatened by feminists? I see discussions spin out of control when it is to feminist subjects all the time. And many of the replies seem very defensive.
    And you as a female, do you feel obligated to agree with everything feministic that is being said? Do you think that in 200 years from now, when women look back at these days they will think ''oh these poor western women'' like we think ''oh those poor women in game of thrones being abused like that'' ?

  2. I'm playing games but when I'm bored and less high I will tell you why I personally think social justice, including 3rd wave feminism and post-modern progressive liberals are toxic and ruin every movement they touch. It is a critical theory cultural Marxist moment that is forcing multiculturalism, the destruction of traditional values and gender roles while promoting a I high regard in who is the most oppressed.
    The thing these people don't realize is they are political prostitutes for a socialist society both economic and social. This is not some grassroot revolution. The thing is, I hate ALL social justice. I dislike feminist, I dislike male right activist. I think critical theory gets nothing done. People criticize the sensation with no plan on how to prevent it.
    The problem is that this had seeped into academia where young men are being indoctrinated in mandatory extreme white guilt women studies classes. Ranging from rape prevention, rape culture, etc, etc. Social just will do nothing but make a politically correct mass. Men won't approach from fear of a rape charge or being misogynistic.
    What people don't realize is liberal means more control.
  3. i dont feel threatened by feminism. the reason you see people as being defensive is probably because its all too common for feminists to make absurd assertions that typically dont reflect reality.
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    It's impossible to not be defensive as a guy who shits on the idea that enslaving the body, mind, and soul to dogma, even dogma that has a progressive intent, will create a better world and inspire enlightenment and change. If you're against "feminism", you're somehow reduced to this one-dimensional redneck bigot who sees women as objects to cum on and pine over, which isn't necessarily the case for many of men who have spoken out or trolled multiple threads on the topic of Feminism. Part of the problem is the perpetuation of double standards by both sides in these debates or discussions, and another is insisting that there's only one way to a destination, and that the sole vehicle that will take us there and enrich the lives of women and men, is through Feminism. Which I personally feel is bullshit. I think if there's going to be genuine understanding and foundation of equality established between the genders, it's not going to come from a movement that was originally intended to circumvent the opposite gender's now greatly-decreased grip on women.

    It's the same mentality that members of the black community have attacked me with before... "Why don't you care about the Trayvon Martin case? Why aren't you worried about Ferguson, but you talk about Gaza and Palestinians?" It's because being biased to your own cause, does nothing for anyone else except that cause. And in the case of Feminists, there are plenty of Feminist organizations that do nothing but enrich organizations that exist to further the female cause, and not a human cause. Some do, but not all do. Like any small sect or cult (religions) the message is positive and progressive, so people are willing to overlook the fact that certain people can't just be egalitarians or humans. It'd be a better world if people could fight for equality without the need to insist on labels that solely exist as a means for people to feel part of some greater purpose that is actually only a small fraction of an even bigger whole that just doesn't give a fuck.
    And it's not about a few Feminist imbeciles fucking it up for the movement, it's about the fact that the movement itself breeds people like that who will go on to perpetuate a negative mentality, and from there you have the same conflict between men and women perpetuated for another fucking 100 years or so. If you want equality, don't take a fucking side- especially one founded on the premise of empowering one side to counter the other, in a day and age where women aren't even horrendously oppressed on a scale that warrants a movement in most countries. There are counts of rape, fucked mindsets from men, and unjustified violence, but I can tell you right now, in 150 years, those three things are still going to be around. You're not going to hinder free will with Feminism.
    Or maybe you are too biased to tell 
    When looking back on the other feminist threads, are there any of these where you have felt that you understand where they come from? 
    From my memory, in many of these threads, probably all, there is always someone that stands completely on different sides, refusing to accept the other persons opinion, or even consider them. 
    And the nutjobs are out and about right away!
    You realize that so-called "cultural Marxism" is literally a Nazi conspiracy theory, right? But nope, us Jew-Bolsheviks are just out to destroy the family unit and your white sensibilities.
  8. Feminism has positives and negatives.
    The basic facts are that men are different from women in so many obvious and scientific ways.
    As humans, we all deserve the same basic human rights regardless of gender and race, but beyond that, there is nothing else.
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    The feminists who are feminists because they believe in the ideology, are members of the forum I respect and who have schooled me in some aspects before. But the majority, in my opinion, are feminists because they're not dumb and happen to have vaginas. That's really the gist of it.
    It's the same way I feel about Republicans and Democrats. There are plenty of people who belong to these parties who are some of the best and brightest the world has to offer, they just believe in something that's worlds away from my own. Disliking the movement doesn't mean I hate women or spit on the notion of equality. I think equality can be achieved a better and faster way by side-stepping the need to organize sects, and putting energy into furthering human causes on the whole. There have been a million Feminism threads, but I've yet to see one made that openly criticizes the movement itself, and I think that really only solidifies the fact that it's always a trap to talk about it. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't want to.
    Good job attacking the person and not the argument. At least put some effort into rebuking it.
    Because I'm sure you've actually ever studied the theories of the Frankfurt School and not just some fringe rightist youtube video.
    Else you'd realize the kind of "critical theory" you're referring to has no connection to those of the Frankfurt School.
  12. I'd love to participate in this thread but it always turns into a shit storm and fuck that.
  13. Fine fuck off, we're waiting for Train to come in and rant anyway.
  14. Train is dead.
  15. What is this a joke ??
    Feminism threads are soo funny , you don't even need to say anything and it's funny. Reading the title is funny. Reading the OP's post is funnier. Not saying anything at all to contribute to this thread is the best humor yet.
    :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:
    Legend says no true feminist can die until the world is cleansed of peen. Shes alive... somewhere. Somewhere without chauvinistic dongs. Like Antarctica.
    Popping in to voice your opinion and offer no substance on the issue.. hmm, reminds me of another thread where you raised your hypocritical objection, but I guess.. you is woman, hear you roar.
    As for the topic, feminism is cool in my book.. but all too often they go from feminist to feminazi. Just like religion and politics, extremist of an issue are typically a joke. They keep themselves blinded to anything that goes against their lack of emotional control.. against their personal belief. The same personal belief that they want persons that aren't their person to follow and get behind. They think they're doing good work, but in reality they're just making their cause look like a joke..
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  20. I think I truly dislike feminist or at least those women I perceive to be.

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