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  1. I tried searching to no avail, and I need some help. I wanna know if this plan will work, hopefully I can describe it properly while I'm high

    Here's what I wanna do;
    Clone a plant from a feminised seed. So I have two female plants. (one further along in veg)
    Do something to stress the older "mother" plant, so it has some boy parts? Will that work and how can I go about it? Can I get fem seeds off it? Either pollinating itself, or pollinating the clone?

    Hopefully this isn't a really stupid question but I just had the thought after smoking some cheeeese :D
  2. Well, it's sort of hard to make femm'd seeds this way. because if you stress a female to hermie, it's seeds are going to be more prone to hermying. If you can stress a female and it doesn't hermie, you found yourself a winner mom. Then you can artificially make her sprout pollen, by spraying a silver solution (foliar fed). The silver soultion is actually very easy to make, if you want I could post up a guide for it.

  3. If I was to use the solution to make the plant produce pollen, what are the odds it'll pollinate itself?
    And if I pollinated a few flowers on a clone, they'd form regular seeds?

    I know next to nothing about pollinating and genetics and stuff, thanks for the help
  4. I posted this a couple of days ago and it may or may not help you. It is an excerpt from a book called "Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide" by Mel Frank. I've had this book for 15+ years,but the info is still solid. Hope it helps.

  5. That's great info, would it be hard to control where the pollen goes? I mean can i harvest pollen from a few male flowers without it spreading all over. I'd wanna keep it under control and pollenate just a few select female flowers.

    Thanks for the great information +rep
  6. Unfortunately, male pollen will blow to the four winds, once released. If you have the room, and were to force male flowers on your plant, I would isolate it from the rest of your plants.

    One question though, if you were to clone your plant, why not just create several clones, and use one plant as a mother? It truly is a lot easier and quicker to clone, rather than create seeds. Plus, you have a genetically stable strain with which to work. You have about a 1 in 5 chance that some of the seeds you produce in this fashion could hermie. Whatever you decide to do though, I wish you good luck.
  7. It's possible, but its gonna be very tricky if they are growing in the same room. You can 'self' the one you are hermying, just let it pollinate itself in another room. If you have a complete hermied female you don't want it anywhere near your other female. To selectively pollinate, you can take (very carefully) a small paintbrush and 'paint' a few calyxes with pollen. Remember, pollen sticks to everything and if the male is shaken...well you don't want your whole crop to be rewened.


    Here is an awesome thread on making colloidal silver, which seems to be pretty easy to make:

    It's a google cache because ICMAG seems to be down right now.

    Good luck
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    Is there a way to harvest pollen before it's released, and use it on selected female flowers?
    As for the cloning, I only have room for two plants in my grow area (not really enough to keep it seperated either unfortunately). I'd rather have the seeds for future use, or to give to friends etc.

    Thanks for the help anyway, I may just take a clone and flower it normally.

    edit: didn't see your post synned, thanks for the link, I'll have to think it over and see if I wanna risk getting pollen all over the place
  9. you could build a simple male iso chamber...the wife has the camera on vacation, so I cant take a pic of it...but they are simple to make(theres a nice walkthru on ICMAG)...But yeah dont use a hermi to make your fem seeds or you'll end up with seeds that hermi more often than not. Honestly theres few closet growers who have the space or time to dedicate to making fem seeds...The silver generator is very simple to make, I have used mine only once but I didnt get the results I wanted(only had one male flower show, but will be messing with it again soon).

    If you really want to make your own seeds...buy non fem'd seeds and do a grow just for seeds. It will take the place of a harvest but at least you'll have your seeds for future grows.

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