Females showering together

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  1. I remember a little over a year ago, 2 very attractive female friends of mine told me they had taken a bubble bath together with a candle light. Both of them swear up and down they're hetero, but I always had my doubts. Two 20 year old girls, mind you.

    So, my question to all of you..... is it strange for young (heterosexual) women to bathe together?

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  2. Lol dude they bathed together, there is obviously something there, whatever they say.
    What made you think of this all of a sudden?
  3. Just took awhile to register in my brain bro

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  4. only if i'm not with them
  5. no its normal.  a few past girlfriends ive had no problem kissing other girls, but swore they were not Bi

    girls like to get ready together. spend massive amounts of time together in bathrooms.
  6. Chicks do that all the time. It's bonding....you should try it with your bros. A couple a beers, a doobie, put on some nice chill music and just relax and let the Calgon carry you motherfuckers away to where you can just forget about life for a while.
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  7. Noope hate to burst your bubble but that doesn't mean anything's there. I've showered with my friends before, but mostly baths though. It's really not a thing ;p they're like my sisters..
  8. Bit of scissoring in the bath, no harm done

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    LOL :laughing:
  10. You mean "tribbing"? LOL...the things you learn from porn.
  11. youll have to enlighten me one that one fear jar?? never head of it lol
  12. something similar JUST happened this weekend blades, bladies. went to a friends house for notsosuperbowl sunday, and my lady was with her friend in their room, i was hangin with her husband drinking and putting together a dining table.bla bla bla, everyone gets drunk, stoned, we go our seperate ways. come to find out, the friend took a shower and was just naked in front of my girl the whooole time while getting ready. we got a little thing for her (and her for us) so we have a feeling she likes teasing us, and we aint complaining either ahaha.
  13. I would say Google it...but not if you are at work! You'll spens at least an hour ..Ummm, learning about it! Well maybe 2 minutes if you are like me. :ey:
    I'm a quick study...LOL
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  14. should ask the fellah if he wants to exchange wives for a bang
  15. didnt actually wanna google it incase it was some proper ropey shit lol i guess ill have to now
  16. You may enjoy it.....LOL
  17. shit yeeeeaaaaahhh tribbing for the muh fucking win
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  18. Learn something new on GC every day don't ya brother? LOL :ey: :ey: :gc_rocks: :gc_rocks:
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  19. Yo I'm a girl and I bath/shower with my friend doesn't mean I'm gonna to fist her ass when we get out.
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    But since im not a faggot, i wouldn't want to share the same bath with other naked dudes.... sure share it with some girls, but no way with dudes
    My mindset: naked = sex

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