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  1. Hey guys..

    I've got (what I think) are some calyx's in formation here.. These shots are EXTREMELY magnified, the preflower is probably about the size of a head of a pin right now...

    I've attached 3 images, the first TWO are my plant, the last image is a comparison of early female and male preflowers. Female on the left, male on the right.

    What do you guys think?



    And here's the comparison shot that I found online.. I think mine looks like the female, and definitely NOT like the male..

    Female on left, Male on right
  2. Most likely a female but if that preflower doesn't show a hair in the next 3 days I would be worried. Preflowers can be tricky and can look like the opposite sex on some plants. Your plant looks very much like a female but you never know. If it is a male the preflower will grow much more quickly than a female preflower, so you'll know soon enough.
  3. Thanks dude :) Yeah I'll keep an eye on it.. I can't wait to see those pistils peeking out. :hello:
  4. Unless u see some hairs i wouldn't make a judgement call
  5. [quote name='BROWNTOWN']agreed... looks like I've got a few more days until we know for sure.
  6. OH SNAP..

    Is this a pistil I see???


  7. Thanks for your insight.
  8. These photos are amazing. These are best early sex photos i seen. Can't for for more.
  9. Haha thanks dude.. I've been practicing macro photography for a very long time :wave:

  10. I second that!!!!!. Those pictures are down right amazing. I have NEVER to this day seen close shots of the plants stem like you have provided. Well done!!!

    I was once told by a grower that no trichs are found on a plants stem but by looking at your shots, i think i can see some.

    Can anyone back this up???????
  11. Its hard to tell if those are trichs or protective hairs on the plant. To be honest i think i see both protective hairs and trichs.
  12. screw that guy man...keep these pictures coming! btw I would wait just a couple more days to be sure
  13. Looks girly
    But I agree with BROWNTOWN
  14. Agreed... We'll see what she brings us tomorrow =)
  15. Very nice photo! Lookin' very good! :smoke:
  16. great photos!!
  17. Well they're still extremely small this morning.. I'm going to wait until later this afternoon to take pictures again and we'll see how they are developing.
  18. Hey guys... I took a couple more macros just to see what's changing, and there hasn't been much of it at all..

    I attached 2 pictures, one of the preflower itself, then another with an outline around the preflower, the green is the calyx, and the red is the pistil starting to emerge :hello:

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  19. nice photos as usual:)

  20. that's what she said

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