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    Hi My name is danielle and i love to smoke lol :) I am a female and i would love to meet other female potheads :)

    seriously people does race or the way you look seriously interfere with making friends smh the world is so judgement you know what i really dont give a fuck who sees who i really am look me up im on Facebook if you have one my name is Danielle Williams Brown If you dont like who i truly am then please dont talk to me i be too high for this shit smh
  2. Hey there fellow pot smoker.
  3. hey, not a girl, but welcome to the city!
  4. awww thx nice to meet you both i hope you dont mind if i add you two
  5. Fellow girl toker, new to GC too. Probably much older than most here though.
  6. Welcome to GC...Im not a girl but Welcome :bongin:
  7. Fellow Texan, welcome.
  8. I'm a dude. But I live in Texas and I love the bud XD
  9. Hallo! Welcome to GC

  10. Sorry I wont accept, I'm a loner toker. Nobody in the worlds matters except the ones closest to you, that's how I roll :cool:
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    Hahaaaaaa!! Badass!
  12. Welcome, fellow female blade.
    I hope to you that you enjoy this fantastic site.
    Use it well.(;
    Nice ta meet'cha.
  13. lol its cool how old are you by da way? everyone is welcome :):hello:
  14. well thats fine didnt want to add you anyway :(
  15. Hey welcome to grass city :)
  16. Welcome, i have a penis.
    but id like to be friends anyway.
  17. aww thx hope its alright to add you ?
  18. lol its okay i welcome everybody besides people who are rude and dont like to make pothead friends smh
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    Bad ass fer sure! ;)

    Oh and welcome to the city!
  20. pothead friends are indeed the best friends to have

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