female bagseed?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dagobaker, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. some upclose shots of my 9 remaining bagseed plants.......growing from seed since april

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  2. sorry but they look like males
  3. i wanted some males but they still have no for sure signs.........maybe another fucking week

  4. hey baker

    if i understand the sexing properly, and god i hope i do, one early sign is that little 'finger like' green thing shooting up from where the new leaves sprout....can you see it there?

    that would lead me ot think they are males. i am watching mine ever so closely, i have leaves but no little finger thing yet

    sounds like you were looking for one any how!
  5. want to cross my white widow female with a bagseed male and see what happens....
    but its getting late in the season and im still with no male yet............getting impatient
  6. um there is only 5 plants there not 9:D
  7. i tried to take a few pics
    i have 9 in a box that are still in question growing in 1 gallon containers
    ill transplant them once they show sex......
    my greenhouse is a congested fucking crazy place and pics are a real bitch.....
  8. more pics.....got as close as i could.......

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  9. no matter how much closer the pics are you're still not going to know for little.

    i feel your pain i hve one outdoors who haasnt sexed yet either
  10. i felt your pain until i looked yesterday and it seemed like it grew 4 inches overnight :hello:

    and started showing me her pretty hairs
  11. i just want some males to cross.......ive had 10 females in a row......and just got my first male.....but it looks like a hermie

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