Female Among Hermies? Help Please [Pics]

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    Hi Guys
    So..I made the mistake listed in the newbies mistakes growing guide....i took my first seeds from a seeded plant that I think may have been a hermie...
    Anyway 5 weeks on , planted about 10 seeds , a few died , left with about 4 plants. My very first grow so I wanted to play around with these plants before I planted my proper autoflowering feminised ones.....
    It seems while mature , the plants are stunted. They are very small and don't seem to want to grow
    PH levels are fine , put in 1/4 strength nutes , getting enough light....could this possibly be a sign of hermaphroditism?
    The biggest plant is only 3 weeks old! ( in photo of 4 plants , bottom left) but much bigger then the rest(the fan leaves on this one is bigger then all my other plants)
    The rest are 5.5 weeks and are disappointing ( look at $2 coin for reference size)
    At the rate these plants are going , and considering they came from seeded marijuana , should I bin all but the biggest one to start my grow with the proper seeds or should I ride it out for another week or two?
    What's the reason for the massive difference in growth between the largest one(3 weeks old) and the rest( 5.5 weeks old)
    Thanks in advance for any help
    20130606_135231_zpsa670682f.jpg 20130606_135528_zps8eaaf0f6.jpg 20130606_135701_zpsc209e16d.jpg 20130606_135852_zps6ee88575.jpg


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    Wow small indeed. 5 weeks they should be over a foot tall by now. My grow a foot in 3 weeks. What's ur setup how mu h do u water. A plant won't hermid in veg stage they do it in flower. Wait till u figure how to grow before u plant good seeds or they wl look like them

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  3. 6.5ph,garden soil,perlite,dolomite lime,400w metal halide.miracle grow 1/4 strength nutrients put in 3 days ago .watering once every week when top 2 inches are dry.always moist
  4. What kind of soil did you use and when did you start giving them nutes? 
  5. normal garden soil,nutes from sunday
  6. the smaller ones look like they need nitrogen. thats probably why they grow slow

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