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  1. ive poted a thread earlier today questioning the sex of my plant well now im thinking its a fem what do u think?!

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  2. Looks like a female
  3. Looks like a girl, do you have seeds for your next grow? If not then its not to late to clone her!

    Good luck
  4. ok i don't have seeds and i want to clone. I do own an aero garden how can i use it to clone my plant. Do i need a clone dip for roots or can i just cut and stick?! what branches should i use
  5. Well i've never used an areo garden, so can't answer that question.
    But the best place to take a clone from a plant is from the middle branches. Bottom branches are a bit woody and the top is soft and juicy both take a little longer to root. Nice thick branches from the middle are ideal.
  6. I don't own an aero garden either but clones are easy to care for. They like being kept warm and humid and thats about it until they root. You will need some "clone dip" such as clonex, water, grow medium such as rock wool cube and a sterile blade.
  7. An easy, simple method to clone.....cut your branches at a 45 degree angle, dip them in Clonex (or similar) and put them in a plastic beer with moist vermiculite. Keep them moist, not wet, and cover with a plastic lid or dome. Keep them warm and happy and u should be set.

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