Fem Seed Hermied in 2nd week of flower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by R0YB0Y, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. girl scout cookie hemried so post
    i topped in begging and plant was healthy has a horse, i did change locations for girls cuz the plants were getting to big and the mext say i notice the dreadful seed sacs every where not nanners but shit loads of seed sacs
    anyone have any ideas why he turned.
    i did hear it happens for no reason some times but not site this time. i did do just a little trimming hope i did t stress her.
    sad day i deed. Prince,Chyna amd my damn Girl Scout Cookie.

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  2. Probably just hermied, Any stress could have cause it. If it was stress you probably know what caused it already because it's the worst thing that's happened to it i'm thinking. i have three that hermied this time, all from the same breeder of course. the subcool seed is fine. i go in every day and pluck off any i find, go over every branch with a loupe. They seem to be all on lower parts of the branches, not one even close to a top. It's very weird. They have pretty much stopped popping out also witch i didn't think would happen.

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