Felony Marijuana Charge Dropped Because of Police Error

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  1. I don't think this has been posted before, I searched and came up with nada. I thought this was freakin hilarious.

    Felony Marijuana Charge Dropped Because of Police Error | www.foxreno.com

    INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. - A former youth sports coach and local of Incline Village Nevada escaped felony drug charges today for transporting 9 pounds of marijuana because of a legal technicality.Douglas Juarez, 48 was pulled over on Interstate 80, near the west end of Rawlins Wyo., March 1 2010, for a turn signal violation, said Lt. Bob Garner of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. “Little more than 9 pounds” of marijuana was found by the arresting officer in Juarez's car, said Garner.

    It was affirmed on Thursday, July 14 of this year by Wyoming Supreme Court Justice William U. Hill that an earlier ruling in the state district court that stated a Wyoming law requiring motorists to signal when margining onto an interstate roadway was ambiguous. Juarez was thus illegally stopped by law enforcement.

    “There is no reason to believe the Wyoming Legislature necessarily intended the use of a turn signal when entering the interstate from a designated on-ramp,” Hill's written decision stated. “As with most traffic-related statutes, Wyoming Statute 31-5-217 is intended to promote safety and there is no basis to conclude that a motorist is absolutely required to signal to enter the interstate in every instance.”

    It was determined that due to the illegality of the traffic stop, all evidence collected afterward must be suppressed, said Hill.
  2. Boy is this man lucky or what..

    Need to start reading up on all traffic statues in my state and memorize them.

    So what are they doing with the evidence? :smoke:
  3. I love it when this stuff happens. Sucks he still lost the weed though as I'm sure they won't just give it back. I had a friend a long time ago get illegally searched so when court time came around he wound up going free. He didn't have nine pounds though, more like a half oz or so but he still would have gone to jail for a long time over it.
  4. Ah Damn lucky he got off, but sucks he lost all that still
  5. talk about luck...

    this man has got it
  6. 9 pounds, probably saved him 9 years.
    This fucking system:rolleyes:.
    God's smiling on that man, talk about luck.

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