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Fellow volcanoers please help!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Darkstink, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Hey all and happy smoking, I have had the volcano vaporizer for several months and, like everybody else, it is super awesome and well worth the money. Many people don't say much about this nice tip. I saved the used stuff and make wicked oil with it! Its soo simple and its already used up!! It’s a 1-32 ounce ratio. Here is what I do, I use a slow cooker. I fill it about half way up with water and put the oil and the green in and I let that chill for about a day or two. You will need to check this every once in a while since the water will evaporate add as much water as you think needed. It is fat soluble so it’s all going to the oil. Once you think it is "done" take it out and pour into a container over a strainer. Depending on the strainer size take something to push against the left over and drain that well. Let that sit for a bit then put into freezer. When it is frozen scoop out the oil since it won't completely freeze but all the water will. Done and done..

    Also, I have a leakage problem with my volcano. It seems to come from the connection to the metal tube that you click in. I see the smoke coming from the cuts around the tube and it doesn't seem to be coming from the bag. I don't know if its worn or something but it is never constant. Sometimes its really bad and sometimes its barely noticeable. Please help!! Everytime I see it I cry inside. Oh and you know the black and blue rubber bands? I don't know where they go exactly. I know one is for the bag but not sure where the other one goes. If anyone can help me with that as well I will be oh so thankful[/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Take care
  2. Your volcano leakage is due to it being dirty...I have the same problem and have been to lazy to clean it. Apperently when it gets dirty the metal spring dosen't work to its full potential and gets stuck.

    This is just what I read though so.......
  3. Thanks for the reply, I will clean it and see if it helps. Do you know where the rubber bands go exactly?

    I took the piece apart and it was sticking a bit. I cleaned it(goo gone is really good so I found) and now its moving fine. I don't see any smoke so thats a good sign! Thanks again
  4. THE blue band goes on the bottom of the bowl. helps connect the bowl with volcano.
  5. Thanks, I had it on there before but didn't think it went there. It still has a small leak after cleaning. I dunno...

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