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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Crossxfire, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. I know this is the typical introduction to a forum and half of you wont even look at my post or egnolodge me for that matter but i say f*ck it and am going to introduce myself anyways.

    My name is sean i'm 18 and i live in new hampshire- usa. Im a fellow stoner and basically am depressed for 1 reason. I had court a few days ago and i have to be put on diversion for 6 months for some possecion charges:(. but oh well i like to live by the saying as "sh*t happens". so i stumbled apon this site after searching something random on google and im glad i had. whats up everyone?
  2. Howdy and welcome.

    My son is currently on diversion, working through community service and fines. He hates it but realizes he got a second chance before going to jail.

    At least yours was a crime for minors and adults. His stops being a crime as soon as he turns 18. That would piss me off, too. :smoke:

    Glass is half full, man. Half full.
  3. oh man lucky him..ehhh kind of..i just got stuck in some positions of being in teh wrong place at the wrong time..not with weed but with alcohol. I drink like once a month if that but i did get caught with a bowl on me one of the times. its so aggervating! i smoke everyday and the one time i drink i get arrested for it haha!

    I like tha tsaying of yours...its so true.
  4. Welcome to the City! :wave:
  5. new Hampshire is beautiful :) I'm from just south of ya, New Englanders ROCK!

    welcome to the city dude:smoking:

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