Fellow dippers of GC.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by StimulateMyMind, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. What do you dip?

    My favorites:

    Copenhagen Longcut
    Skoal Straight
    Grizzly Straight
  2. Skoal Spearmint, Mint, Wintergreen, Apple

    Grizzly Wintergreen

    I also do the Camel Snus, the frost flavor.

    Ive tried Straight, and while it buzzes the hell out of me, i just dont care for it that much.
  3. I just finished a tin of Grizzly Straight, it was fucking gross.

    I usually stick to Grizzly Wintergreen but today I thought I'd spoil myself and got some Citrus Skoal.

    Tastes like skittles.
  4. ew

    as long as I don't have to see you spit or see your nasty ass spit cup sitting out, and I'm not kissing you it's all good :confused:

    I just don't see how it could be good at all
  5. I tried it once and failed when I went to spit it just dribbled down my face. I also had the little pieces of tobacco floating around my mouth it was just a horrid experience for me. I did get a slight buzz after awhile tho.
  6. I love my Grizzly Mint. Sometimes ill buy Citrus or Berry Blend Skoal but its 5 bucks a can here so its very rare that I do that.
  7. I dipped before, makes my gum feel like someone stuck a bunch of glass in it, stings hardcore..

    I'd rather smoke cigarettes :)
  8. :cool:Eh not my cup of tea.
    But nothing against it.
  9. Any time im fishing, @ a Bucs or Rays game got to have the Skoal Wintergreen or mint. :)
  10. I got addicted to puches when I was 16 with braces, started smoking, flip-flopped, smoked cigarettes until where I'm now 18 nearing 19 but I bought a can of Cherry Skoal [long-cut] when I coughed up something so big and so nasty...but continued to smoke, failed at switching to chew for health reasons ha ha.
  11. I used to chew a lil bit usually getting skoal wintergreen

    The skoal edge wasnt bad, when it first came out and was cheap...
  12. skoal mint, husky mint, skoal mint pouches
  13. Grizzly mint or if I'm willing to drop the $7 I'll grab one of the flavored Skoal ones.

    It's been a while since I've dipped although I may try the new Camel dip.
  14. Camel Snus frost. kinda quite smoking cigarettes unless im on hard drugs.
  15. Griz Wintergreen FTW! I've been a long time Cope Hickory fan, but lately the Grizz is growin on me so who knows.. :rolleyes:
  16. When I do dip, it's either Camel Snus Mellow or Skoal Berry Blend pouches.

    But I prefer cigarettes.
  17. GRIZZLY WINTERGREEN the only way to go
  18. Gotta go with grizzly wintergreen! but on occasion citrus skoal, but I hate grizzly mint
  19. i have only dipped once. and when i did i was aready baked out of my fucking mind. so it wasnt a pleasant experience. it felt like i was choking, it tasted like shit, and i couldnt spit so i just drooled
  20. i quit smoking cigs regularly and have been dipping for a while now. my favorites are copenhagen long cut, rooster wintergreen, skoal straight and red seal natural. i got a nice little tower going with my cans. i save everyone of them now and stack it higher. i also chew every now and then. i like a bag of levi garrett every once in a blue moon

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