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  1. Today at my college, I was sitting in a lobby waiting for my buddy to get out of class. I was working on some math homework while minding my own business. I was sitting with my legs crossed, Indian style, in a chair so I could view my laptop in a more comfortable position. A few minutes later, an older public safety officer walked into the lobby and came directly towards me. With a very disrespectful attitude, he demanded me to take my feet off of the chair. I looked at him puzzled and confused, the kind of situation where you piss your friend off and you're not sure if he's serious about being mad. I just bought my shoes a week ago and they are as clean as a whistle. There is no rule saying I can't do that either. After my puzzled look, he came closer and repeated himself. I asked if he was serious and he got in my face, as though he was threatening me, and said it again. I don't understand what the issue was and I feel as though he kind of disrespected and harassed me mainly upon my appearance. I don't look like the nicest or smartest guy, long hair with a beard and beanie, but I hold a 3.5 and take respect seriously. This isn't really an issue of my feet being in a chair but mainly about how the officer handled a non-threatening situation. What do you blades think?
  2. I think I don't care... i think

  3. No need to respond then, mate. :confused:
  4. You asked me what I thought... o_o

    all seriousness who cares just let it go, there's a lot more of that you are gonna receive in this lifetime you will learn
  5. I think there should be more to that story

  6. But I pay a hefty sum to attend this school. Why should I put up with this when I was minding my own business?
  7. His hostility was clearly unwarranted, regardless of your physical appearance. Some people simply need their momentary power trips. I say, let the baby have his bottle. Surely you are above such pettiness. Sadly, he is not. Now put the unworthy thought from your mind and be free of it. :)


  8. Thanks for the response. :) I think I'll do just that. This next bag, from my new EQ, goes out to him. :smoke:
  9. It's like when the librarians won't allow you to talk with 3 minutes left in the end of the day. Just pure power trip and expression of authority. "Yeah that's right get your feet of the chair, nobody else except ME can tell these kids to get their feet of the chairs, fuck yeah i'm a boss"

    probably his mindset.. But really a rule is a rule. If your shoes were dirty then he would have said the same thing, it might just be that he can't allow one person to void the rules and then contradict himself when he tells others. Rules in school typically don't bend.
  10. You should have told him to fuck off your trying to study.
  11. I have a friend with problems like this.
    He's been looked at, and treated a certain way, and at times he's had police approach him.
    In his case, it's because he's a wigga.
    In your case, it seems it's because you look like a bit of a hippie/feral.

    Now, as unfair and as judgmental as this behaviour is - it's simply something that you have to accept will occur, in a situation where you are confronted by a more "conservative" person in a position of authority.
    So, in a way (a prickish way) of speaking you're "bringing it on yourself".
    We live in a society where difference is greeted with fear, malice, and judgment.
    It happens, all you can do really is accept it and move on.
    Life can be shit, and people can be shitty.
    If you're only studying now, wait until you get into the job market/workforce...

    Wrong attitude. Just kind've like saying a person that doesn't pay, or pays less, is less deserving of civil treatment.
    This situation would be exactly as shitty for someone of a lower financial category.

    My suggestion is, to ask this person what the problem is.
    If there's a rule in place (or a claim of such) that you are not following, advise them that you were not aware of this.
    Ask if anybody reported this behaviour, this forces them to take ownership.
    Then politely request to sight documentation or signage indicating that this rule is in place on your campus.
    If they cannot show you, thank them for their concern on the matter and let them know that you'll continue to study in a position that you see fit.

    If they don't leave you be, take it further and see someone in authority above this guy.
    Tell them about the situation, tell them you haven't broken any rules and that you're being harassed, and feel discriminated against in your place of learning.

    Bear in mind - This person can't touch you.
    If he does that, take legal action.
  12. because he's a jealous dick because indian style is comfortable and h town as fuck and you look like a stoney and he was bullied in school and his dad beat his mom and him
  13. I think you have already spent way too much time playing it out in your head. If you are going to put your feet on the chairs, hide from that dude :D
  14. He was probably having a shitty day and saw an opportunity to take out his frustrations on someone else. Misery loves company.
  15. To be completely honest, I have a very calm personality until someone disrespects me like it happened to OP.
    Here's what I would honestly do
    1. Tell him theres no law that says I cant have my feet up on a chair
    2. If he gets in my face again, and tells me to take my feet off chair, I'd tell him nope.
    I usually like to fuck with people and troll them so this would be an extremely easy opportunity lol
    If he grabs me or uses force, I'd knock him out with an elbow to the face. That is if there is no other cops around, or cameras.
    If I cant hit him without getting caught, I'd just wait to see what he does. If he arrests me, I'd file a complaint and jeopardize his job.
  16. Just take your shoes off, put them under the chair, and resume the position.

  17. Haha. I thought about that when he left. If he had come back by and told me to get my socks off of the chair, I probably would have stood up and danced on the chair. :hello:
  18. It happened again. I just trolled him hard. I asked him if I was frustrating him and he said yes. Old man kept asking for my ID and I told him I didn't have one. He was shaking as though he wanted to hit me. I told him to go do his actual job. When he left, I extended my hand and shook his and said, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Walker." I think he tried to squeeze my hand but it didn't work. I'd like to think I've got a nice grip, myself.

    I asked him to show me the rule. I'm still waiting on him to return.

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