Feeling spaced out or feel like you're in a dream?

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    Its called Derealisation or Depersonalisation . Its a form of anxiety which has been in some ways ruining my life since April this year. For ages i didn't know what was wrong with me. I constantly felt like i was in a daze trapped in between a dream world and reality. Constantly worrying i had something wrong with my brain i looked for possible answers on the Internet and in various health books, at 1st i found nothing which related to me. A week into feeling like this i was going insane. Questioning my sanity and having huge panic attacks and anxiety. I was a mess. Even not being able to work.
    Previous to this i took something... and i thought that maybe the drug hadn't left my system for some reason, but it wasn't that.

    Finaly after 5 weeks of feeling like my life was slowly ending i found a website which explained about a type of anxiety. Well 2 to be exact Depersonalisation and Derealisation.(big words i know, which is why i prob had never heard of them)

    Sufferers of Depersonalisation or Derealisation feel divorced from both the world and from their own body. Often people who experience depersonalisation claim that life "feels like a dream", things seem unreal, or hazy; some say they feel detached from their own body. Another symptom of this condition can be the constant worrying or strange thoughts that people find hard to switch off.
    People often say that no matter how hard they try, they don't feel like they can interact with the world around them. They feel a sense of detachment from their surroundings, finding it hard to talk and connect with others. Also they feel no love for the people closest to them and even question if they did a certain task or had a particular conversation. The most upsetting thing is they lose a sense of who they are and can't seem to perceive themselves as being normal.

    Depersonalisation is a common and understandable offshoot of the anxiety condition. Before going further into depersonalisation, let me clear up one thing,
    which is something I get asked often. “No, you are not going mad.” This feeling comes from being constantly worried about your own problems, but it is not serious or harmful in any way and has a totally logical explanation. It is temporary and, with patience and understanding, eventually passes like any other symptom.

    Depersonalisation occurs with anxiety because you are so used to watching yourself, questioning your illness, day in, day out, that you start to feel detached from the outside world. Your mind has become tired and less resilient through watching yourself and worrying about your symptoms. It has been bombarded with worrying thoughts and becomes fatigued. When our limbs tire, they ache. When our mind tires, we feel these strange feelings of detachment from the world around us, experiencing an almost dreamlike state, convincing ourselves that we are going mad or losing it. You are not; your mind is just so very tired and just craves a rest from all this introspection of oneself.

    When people are caught up in the worry cycle, they begin to think deeply and constantly. They study themselves from deep within, checking in and focusing on their symptoms. They may even wake in the morning only to continue this habit, “How do I feel this morning? “I wonder if I will be able to get through today”. What’s this new sensation I feel?” This may go on all day, exhausting their already tired mind further. This constant checking in and constant assessing of their symptoms then becomes a habit, but like all other habits this one can also be changed.

    The original site is http://www.anxietynomore.co.uk/depersonalisation_and_derealisation.html if want to know more.

    4 months later I'm alot calmer and can control it alot better although it still gets the better of me.
    The reason i made this thread is because I've spoke to loads of people who have similar feelings to what i had and didn't know what it was. I know how bad i was when i didn't understand what was going on so if i can help someone else then great!

    I was also wondering if anyone else has this and knows already what it was and do you have any advice on how to deal with it as its still hard to deal with at times.

    Sorry if i bored some people(which I'm sure i did)
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  2. thanks for sharing all the info bro.
  3. I've been depersonalized since I was four. Don't know if I could handle being a normie now.
    I didn't even realise that it was unusual for many years. I thought everybody felt like this.
  4. Yh a doctor is a good idea i know and i will see one if it persists(its been 4 months so i think thats inevitable). I just found something else about it on a different site which relates to me so much.... Its so true for me it almost brings a tear to my eye...i dunno why.

    What is it like?
    Many sufferers describe it as 'terrifying', 'like losing your sense of being alive', 'a living death', 'like being detached from your own body, your loved ones, your feelings...' People say that it is as if their mind is full of cotton wool; they pray that they will wake up and it will all be clear once more. Many describe de-realisation: as if the world around them is like a movie or that they are separated from other people by an invisible pane of glass. When such unpleasant feelings persist without explanation, the person may be judged to be suffering from depersonalisation disorder. It can be brought on by severe stress or emotional turmoil but may also appear out of the blue, and apparently suddenly.
  5. Is there anything you do to help it or is it so much like the norm you don't notice it?

  6. Woops, yeah that's what I meant. I did a quick google search for depersonalization and salvia and I got


    The thread is fairly useless to you but I figure a forum dedicated to the illness might help. Cheers for the rep.
  7. This has actually been occuring with me for the past year, and I've been perusing dozens of medical books, online resources and spoken with a couple doctors about what it is and none of them have been able to give me a straight explanation. I've given them all of my symptoms, on paper even, to a tee and they've established every diagnosis from Psychosis to Schizophrenia to General Anxiety Disorder and even Depression. It really made me lose faith in the psychiatric system as a whole, but I am glad to say that everything is getting better through time and patience and I have a lot more insight on what caused everything.

    It is very comforting to know that symptoms of this nature are temporary and that you are very far from insanity in and of itself. In fact, I've noticed that people that are depersonalized are more afraid of madness than anything else and that thought merely worsens the illness.
  8. Wow i had no idea there was a forum for what i have il defo be looking at that. Thanks for the effort man!

    It really is worst than it sounds is'nt it. That was my biggest worry, i actually thought i was going insaine or loosing my mind which scared the shit outa me only making me feel 10 times worst!
    Theres not a day goes by when i dont think ''how am i feeling today'' which i think i need to stop doing because it only bringes it on.
    Is it a doctor you are going to/went too, or a psychiatrist?
  9. the first day i wake up with no heroin after a few days of using i feel mad spacey..if im not in full blown withdrawal i just got no energy and like my vision feels fogged. its hard to explain but like my thoughts feel real clouded and it fucks with my vision, and i get mad emotional and shit..When im actually in withdrawal though i dont notice it as much..probably too miserable to care.
  10. Yh it sounds like you could be covering up an anxiety problem with your heroin use.
  11. covering up all my problems with it shit..bad choices man....

  12. I've been waiting to get to Amsterdam before I posted here again.

    Yeah, it's pretty much just who I am. And actually weed makes it worse. I
    really don't mind though because it helps my anxiety so much and the anxiety is
    more debilitating for me.
  13. if we both mean the same thing (which cant be found out) i think i've had that once, while high, feeling like in a dream, u wanna go back to reality but u cant, its fucking horrible, feel bad for ya
  14. Thanks for all the info mat! This has really helped, as I no longer think I'm losing my mind!
  15. intersting...i have days where im more dazed out than others, but i always attributed it to the pot smoking...in other words being burnt.
  16. Really glad to help man
  17. thanks for the info bro.
  18. Interesting thread man, thanks for the info. I get the feeling when i smoke so much so often that i cant tell what was a dream and what was reality, or if im high or not. i dont do this often but everyonce and a while i go on like a three day rant where i smoke waaaaaaaayyy to much.. dunno why. i dont really know if thats fully related but hey.
  19. The reason i made this thread was with the hope of helping others... even one person is something..... Glad to help blades!
  20. holy fuck!! I've been feeling similair to this for about a week now.
    Ever since i looked in the mirror while trippin hard on dxm. I didnt even know who that was in the mirror and i started freaking out and, it my trip turned bad.
    and i've been feeling weird as shit ever since.

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