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feeling heartbeats

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Pot4fun, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. dont confuse this with one of those "i'm having a panic attack" threads. just was wondering if anyone else can feel their heartbeat when they smoke? it doesnt make sense to me since weed calms you down why would it increase your heart rate so tremendously. sometimes it feels like its almost beating to the music im listening to haha. :smoke:

  2. of course.
  3. Yea my heartbeat goes up, and I can feel the heart beat in my chest and occasionally my leg and neck
  4. Most def. THC dilates your blood vessels, I think that would explain why. Your heart rate doesn't increase, I think it just beats a little harder
  5. Yeah most of the time, i find it quite relaxing with music on :)
  6. This is so obnoxious to me. Every time I smoke and go to sleep, I have to sleep on my right side. If not, my heartbeat will keep me up all night.

    Signed, John E. Smoke.
  7. I notice this too. I usually notice mine more when I'm lay back after smoking.
  8. I take a med at night that blocks out nightmares. and when I wake up, and hit the bong, I can feel my heart pumping. Some times before, though usually I hit my bong with in the first 5min of the day.

    Blurring the lines between what is Unreal and real.
  9. First five of the day ??? That's hardcore...........

    Dope increases your heart rate but lowers your blood pressure.
  10. I sleep on my stomach with my head to one side, right before bed I have a nice joint and I can feel my pulse on the left side of my face so I can no longer sleep facing the wall 
  11. I know what you mean man, it's like you can feel it beating really fast, it just reminds me sometimes that I'm stoned lol
  12. Yeah, heart thumps harder than usual (though not necessarily faster), ears get flushed, face gets hot. Normal I guess?
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    Not really, I wake up with horrible nausea, and intestinal cramping in the morning due to an illness called gastroparesis. So when I wake up, and take my meds, I have to smoke so that intestines, and my stomach don't revolt on me. Usually as I'm cringing in pain in the bathroom.
    But thanks for thinking so. :D
  14. Fair enough, no offence, I guess it's just that the Aussie Govt is a little backwards and Marijuana as a medicine is fairly foreign to us over here.........see when we hear someone over here choofing in the first five of the day, we see that as some hardcore choofing......
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    Uh, you're wrong. Marijuana does increase your heart rate. I thought everyone knew this.. Although after a while you start building a tolerance to that and it doesn't increase as much.
  16. but not all will. I believe that to be more sativa dominant strains that will cause the heat to pump harder. I think I almost panicked myself into having a heart attack one night, coincidentally I had nothing but sativa to smoke on
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    Sativa definitely does it more. I took 2 hits out of my pipe and my heart rate went from 57 to 70 and I'm smoking some super strong sour diesel. As long as it stays under 100 I don't let it bother me.
  18. Ya echoes throughout my body n can feel it in arms n around chest, happens when I move around n jump around a lot n stop all of a sudden jus your heat pumping harde/faster

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  19. Thats just the chronic.

    Name that movie

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