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    So I went to the doctor for my flu and was prescribed flu medicine and Tussionex (which is, if you didn't know, a hydrocodone cough syrup!). So I came home, measured out 40ml (which is 80mg of time-released hydrocodone, I guess you can say it feels like ~40mg of pills for about 6-12 hours at that dosage) and I've been feeling good since 9:10 a.m. this morning, starting to come down about now! Anyone else tried it out before, I wanna hear stories! I love my wonderful golden syrup. :p

    If you didn't know, here's some facts about Tussionex.
    - 10mg of extended-release Hydrocodone per tsp (5ml)
    - 8mg of extended-release chloropheniramine maleate per tsp (it's safer to use more then 24mg per day in most cases with Tussionex due to it being extended-release, so no need to freak out!)
    - 120ml to a bottle (240mg extended-release Hydrocodone!)
    - Warm, golden, honey-like taste (honestly, I love drinking this stuff)
    - It actually works REALLY well to get rid of coughs too!
    - You are pretty high for about SIX HOURS strong, then come down still feeling high for even longer!

    All I did was go to the doctor's, cough a lot in the waiting room and examination room (because I actually did have the flu), tell him I had a stuffy nose and was sneezing a lot, and he immediately wrote me down for it. So it might be the actual generic thing that doctors give to people when they come in with a bad cough. It's bad ass.
  2. my legal herbs suck, but im glad your having fun. i wish i had the flu :[.
  3. Haha bro, you can get it too. I know lots of people who just go the doctor's office coughing as soon as they walk in and all until they are examined. My doctor throws out so many Tussionex scripts, it's nuts. Other doctors probably do the same.
  4. Next time I have the flu I shall try this :)
  5. You don't have to even have the flu to get this, it's just for coughs. I just happened to have the flu this time, haha. You can just go into the doctor's office coughing a lot and say you have a severe cough that's been there a couple days, and you get this.

  6. Hahaha, ya I got some too for a sore thoart. But damn man, today marks 6 days straight of having some kind of opiate in me, but its been mostly for pain. Im tryin to ween myself down so I dont have too bad of W/D's. Plus my bottle ran empty today :( hopefully I can get it refilled though cuz I really do need it.

    But damn man, Like lil wayne said....Feels like death in your stomach when you stop syrup.
  7. Yeah, I'm kinda trying to limit myself so I don't have those damn withdrawals, haha. Took 40ml, which is a pretty heroic dose for someone with no tolerance, yesterday, and then took a 30ml dose today. Going to finish up two more doses then the bottle will probably be out and hopefully 4 days of this isn't going to be too bad to come down off of. :cool:

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