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Feeling burnt out/hungover with increased pain after high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AzFibroWarrior13, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Just renewed my medical card for 2nd yr.  It's been an adventurous learning experience.  My only wish is that I tried this earlier to help my fibromyalgia pain.   No pharmaceutical med comes close.
    At first, I was using only sativa dominant strains.  But, ended up taking a small break to re-evaluate, after getting sick from the extra "pep" it gave me....which made me do too much, compared to what my body allowed.  When I went back, I switched to indica (which I was told would help me better).  This proved very true.  But, over the past month I have started to have crazy pain, hangover feeling after I come down.  It's like my body has turned to spaghetti and I cant function.  I use a vaporizer (the flying box) and have stuck to pretty much the same strains....Northern Lights, Sour Romulan, and my recent add a few months ago- Yoda OG.  But for some reason, they are affecting me different here and there.
    Early on-  Durban poison (sativa) did this to me, along with Dream Cheese 2 our of every 3 times I tried it.  But the times it didn't do this, gosh, the Dream Cheese helped AMAZING for pain.  I was figuring it had something to do with the make up of these strains.  As no other strains caused such feelings after words.  After switching to more indica types- never had this "burnt out/increased pain feeling" till recently and since it is happening with strains that are not new to me, I don't understand what is going on.
    I've tried coffee, and just staying "high" on my pain days, but this doesn't help much.  Usually end up sitting on the floor "trying" to make dinner through the symptoms.  A few google searches, I came across info that it may be lower quality strains at the dispensary.  I have actually seen this in several of the dispensary reviews, so this week going to try another place out.
    TOTALLY not going to give up.  Just want to figure this out.  ? As far of the amount I use each time- I use just enough to relive my pain.  So Im not "over doing it"  Any other ideas what may be going on?


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