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Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. I just ate some shrooms here. I've eatin them before, but this time i wanted to try it while chillin at home by myself.. Anyone else do this? I've got a great tripping basement as well, many light effects. I'll try to post here again later on tonight. Oh yeah, I tripped last night and recorded the whole thing, think i'll do the same tonight to see what happens.. later.
  2. how much did you eat last night? how much did you eat tonight? if its realitively the same amount, your trip will be fuckin weak as hell. if at all. oh well, have fun.
  3. yeah dude...think your right, probably should have just saved em, but still feeling really fuckin awsome considering i haven't even smoked any weed until just now... Objects distort themselves without me knowing. no closed eye visionuals though.
  4. next time you should wait a little longer- about a week is when there is no noticable tolerance for most people, concerning shrooms and lsd
  5. just to note, i took a fat joints worth, mixed it with a half gram resin ball i gathered from my pipe. I took a razor blade to the ball and cut it in little pieces to evenly mix with the weed. The result was not the result i was expecting from my Steamroller. may work well in joints.

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