Feel weird 2 days after weed

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  1. So I smoked weed on Saturday night and I hit a really bad trip, I also had a panic attack. I woke up on Sunday morning still feeling high, by Sunday night I felt a bit better but my brain was fuzzy and sounds and objects were a lot more intensified.
    So it's now Monday morning and I do feel better but my head still has this fuzzy feeling and I don't feel the way I felt before I started smoking weed.
    I've been researching this a lot and everyone says I will eventually go back to normal? Is this true? I'm never smoking weed ever again it's really terrified me and I could actually be sick at the thought of not being normal again. Please help.
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  2. You'll be fine. You probably jus greened out. It happens from people going way beyond their tolerance level - from what I've experienced and seen first hand at least. Jus stay away from it until you feel normal again and if you do smoke again, take baby steps so you don't have this happen again

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  3. Was it the first time? I remember feeling the same and deciding that it's not for me 13 years ago.

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  4. No this is my second time. Did the feeling go away for you? I'm really scared :(
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  5. lol if it hadn't gone away, do you figure I would still be here?
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  6. Chill bro, it's the niceness setting in
  7. How old are you? This has a lot to do with it sometimes. Especially if you aren't comfortable with altering your psyche, i.e. drinking, etc.. If you are young your brain may not be matured enough to really handle it. Not even kidding. It's recommended that people wait until they are in their early to mid twenties. I never did but these things never affected me in a way that was scary and when I did do something that was on the intense side, I stayed in and tripped with people I was comfortable with. I have experimented tons and did things I never should have but I wouldn't trade the experience for the world! Lol. But I'm comfortable with that.

    I don't see how thc would affect you, or anyone for that matter, in such an adverse way and for so long unless it was laced. Just possibly was there something else in it? Is it possible that could be the case?

  8. Dude put your big boy pants on. Maybe you are way too young based on the way you have been posting. Don't start pissing your pants. Weed is not a drug. It's plant. Your not gonna die because you felt fuzzy after smoking some pot. You're just over reacting. Take a breath and don't worry about it. Like it was said above. If you do smoke again take it slow. But please don't freak out over nothing at all.
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  9. Was thinking the same after reading these posts bro your good just don't smoke as much till you build your tolerance up. People freak to much I had some girl one time call the cops cause it was her first time being high and she was scared

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  10. Dtfl gotta be a newbie

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  11. And not all stoners are assholes. Keep the faith. Lol
  12. And if you can't go on a stoner's forum and ask a question, where can ya go? Don't listen to 'em. Their parents aren't monitoring this forum.

    Try ️ again sometime, just not so much next time.
  13. as others have already stated. you probably smooed too much at once for your first time. I can still vividly remember my first time, and as a noob who had smoked and not gotten high, i figured i just wasnt smoking enough.... i got super paranoid and ended up puking before i greened out. ever since then i only smoke a few hits at a time until i start to feel it. you can always smoke more (if you have it) but you cant smoke less.

    tbh its kinda like driving a car. you dont jump on the expressway the very first time you get behind the wheel. maybe you start on a small town street or empty parkinglot and take it slow. learn how to operate the thing before going 100mph.

    keep in mind its physically impossible to overdose, so however long this high lasts, just wait it out until you feel normal again. i wake up fuzzy all the time, but usually after a good meal or shower it will go away.
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  14. Hey, I am currently going through the same experience, how long did it take until you went back to normal? / is there anything that helped you I should try ? I’ve been feeling like this for about 2 1/2 days
  15. Focus on all the normal mental health elements. Rest, exercise, social interactions, mental challenges such as word search or your regular work. The physical effects of the cannabis will have worn off but the anxiety attack may not have. I was looping negative thoughts like I'd never experienced before. Not able to concentrate on anything else. I broke down crying and hugged my father and told him everything seemed strange even though I'd smoked long enough to know that I shouldn't have been under the influence so late the next day. Make sure to talk to someone.

    If someone wants to move this please do. Wrong forum and necro post... but had to reply.
  16. Some folks use a high % CBD oil along with weed to counteract anxiety
  17. Hey guys wondering if u could help me I smoked about 3 quarters of a joint and had a few hits of the bong on my first time and it was about 40 hours ago and I feel slow and numb in my body and I forget stuff easily is there something wrong with my brain or something
  18. Try something high sugar with vitamin c like orange juice. Go to a doctor if you're still worried.
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    Sounds like you have too much anxiety to be smoking weed
    My lady is the same.. anytime she gets high with me she gets soooo paranoid off a tiny hit off a joint... I cant breathe, I feel funny for days lalalala..
    She doesnt smoke anymore due to the anxiety.
    Meanwhile I smoke a half oz in 2 weeks. :smoking-bong: aweeee yeahzz, before work, after work, before bed..
    Everyone's tolerance is different.. also what you're thinking about.. I tend to not give a shit.. work on my car and such as I'm stoned, enjoy things.
    Not sit there and think about my brain being fried and not able to breathe..

    Regardless as said above in other comments, you will not die, you will return to normal, if you're not better in a few days more.. I'd goto a doctor to be sure it's not a coincidence of something else being wrong and covered up by you're getting high experience.
    Best of luck
    Hope the best.
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  20. You are gonna be ok
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