Feel like the fool, cant sleep.

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  1. I'd like to start by saying I'm just bitching. I can't sleep cause of a girl. And I feel like the fool whose been played over and over.

    So for those still interested in my stupid life...

    So iv dated this girl for 2 1/2... Almost 3 years. We broke up about two months ago because of her possible moving to college... Big arguement, things turned sour. She ended up staying here for me, and we talked about getting back together numerous times. But she kept stringing me on not actually wanting to fix anything.

    About three weeks ago I was fed up and told her I was done. She told me that she was ready to work things out... She was trying to get over me but couldn't becuz she loved me... Blah blah.

    I believed her and we started talking again. We ended up having some nice sex over the last couple of weeks.. But she's been distant and such. Didn't think much cuz we working things out and yeah...

    Two nights ago she called and wanted me to come to her house. We hung out for a couple hours, cuddled... Nothing more this time.

    Yesterday she ignored me all day. This morning she texts me like everything is fine. Says she was working late blah blah.

    She ignores my calls again tonight. I'm browsing her myspace and her friends comments and such, (I know... Childish) but yeah.

    Found out those last two nights she been with another guy, when just the night before she was laying in bed with me telling me how she loved me and wanted to work things out.

    She won't message me back or return my calls. After two calls she turned off her phone. So I'm just like wow...

    Sucks cause, one... I really thought she was the one. We've been through so much. And two, I was ready to move on three weeks ago. Left my feelings for her behind... And because I'm a nice guy, I ended up not being an ass... Talking to her again and letting her talk me into giving her another chance... And for this.

    Bah. Fuck love. I feel like the fool.

    "I hate everything about you, why do I love you"

    That's about how I feel...

    Sorry for the rant. I'm out of tree and can't sleep cause of this girl. Life blows...

    And to top it off, its almost 1am and I have to be at work at 7am... :(
  2. i feel you on the work in 6hours thing haha.. ive pulled that number numerous times.
    but man, if shes really with that other dude.. and shes telling you that shes still trying work shiz out; it seems like shes just keeping you around... thats just what i think though. i mean yeah it sucks, majorly. but you gotta keep your head up or else you might miss a chance that walks right by ya.

    idk bascially what im saying is, you gotta look how this will effect you if you let it linger on your concious man:(, as lame as it is to say... theres more nugs on the branch;p.
  3. I hear you man. Tomorrow imma delet my myspace and block her number. I want nothing to do with her anymore. She has hurt me to many times...

    It just sucks I gave in and let her hurt me one last time... Iono.

    Like I said, I feel like the fool.

    But imma hopefully get blowed for free tomorrow and buy a fat sac when I get payed on friday. By saturday I will be over her again. :/
  4. Sucks man, I've been in an identical situation before. I'd say fuck it man, just move on.
    Nothing some drinks and bud can't fix.
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    Bitches be playin'.....:p

    I'm sorry dude, I know this is not last night anymore, but you'll find "her" one day. Not all girls play those childish fucking head games and give their bodies out to every new guy they meet!
  6. Thanks for the support my fellow GC community. She started texting me today like everything was ok. I questioned her... She lied. I called her out on it all... Now she's like, I just needed reassurance that you were the one. Blah blah.
    Aint no way imma let this trick get me again.
    Sucks, cause I thought I loved her... But I guess its all over now. Time to face a blunt and move one.
  7. sometimes thats all you can do :p:smoking:.

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